Treasures in our toy town

I don’t know about you but my daughter has a million toys in her bedroom that she doesn’t play with…at all! They have been sitting their since Boxing Day..because she played with them on Christmas Day and then took them upstairs the day after. Never to be touched AGAIN.

So, our question to you is…Are you looking for something different to buy your children this year?

In our toy town (aka our website!) you’ll find handmade creations that would fit a stocking or an awesomely big Christmas box (because who wants a small one?!) 🙂

You won’t find items for boys or girls on our website. We believe that boys and girls can play with whatever they want to play with <3 So go nuts with your search!!

Here are a few of the items we have to get you thinking 🙂

Why not casually throw these ideas into conversations with your kids and see how they react, because you don’t have to buy today, you can come back tomorrow 🙂

We’ve got Craft

We’ve got imagination

We’ve got bedroom decor

We’ve even got clothes

The first craft item we have is FREE. Just download the graphic and print it off onto card at home. A fab quick crafty stocking filler.

The little ones can make their own sweet box, they’ll love it….you’ll have to buy the sweets though!

Shaped colourful crayons are totally awesome for children. Check out these roarsome dinosaurs!

Kelly does many different shaped wax crayons and this is just one example from our website.

We’ve had a few sticker books on our website over the last few months.

My daughter loves sticker books…not all the stickers go in the books mind 😉

Wonder how a sticker book can help your child? Read this blog from SEN.

Let their imagination run wild with a fairy door…..or full blown Fairy Castle <3

Be prepared to be busy though, there comes a lot of responsibility with a fairy door. Take a read here to see what we mean.

If your child loves their gaming console then this is the present for you. This has got to be one of the coolest gifts you could get them for their bedroom.

Have it painted whatever colours you want…match their favourite sport colours or even their bedroom walls.

We have a very cute pencil tin which can be personalised.

Perfect for home and school.

All children are Super so why not get this awesome t-shirt with a mask design.

It comes on different colour tops and also as a babygro.

And why not let them look rainbowtastic with this beautiful hair accessory. 

A fabulous stocking filler…why…you could fill a stocking with hair accessories!

Join us for online shopping 24/7 and fun online events throughout the year.

Our next event is all about Halloween.

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