Christmas Carol Event

Don't we look gorgeous!

Welcome to our Christmas Carol Online Shopping Event 

this Black Friday Weekend

Play fun games and win prizes!

Use our Personal Shopper Experience

Visit our 12 stall holders direct

Why not take a look around our Shop

On our website this weekend you’ll find our stall holders and some of their gorgeous Christmas products  We’re here until 10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Visit our Shop anytime. Some of our stall holders have Offers this weekend.

You can also see products on our Pinterest page if you like saving Pins to your own boards 🙂

Try our Personal Shopper Experience further down 🙂

Please stay and look around or leave and visit the stalls…shop the way YOU want too

On a PC to the right, or at the bottom on your mobile device, you’ll find our:
  • ‘Rewind the event’ section where you can see posts of Christmas past!
  • Competition rainbow button – We have a competition where you could win £25 to spend at any of the stalls we have taking part this weekend – clicking the rainbow button will take you to Facebook to play. Some of our pages have games on their Facebook business pages that you can play tonight too so please do visit them.
  • InstaShop – products on our Instagram page if you’d prefer to use that

But before you go looking at all of that, let us tell you our Christmas Carol Story…

Ebenezer Scrooge was a miserable man. He did not like Christmas one bit. He had finished work and gone home for the night leaving Bob Cratchit to lock up.
“Hello there visitors. While mardy Mr Scrooge takes his walk why don’t I show you what games our stall holders have on this weekend” said Bob with a smile. “Click their logos below to go direct to their pages”.
Ebenezer Scrooge walked all the way home. He ate his tea and then headed off to bed. 
He was stirred by the bell of the clock. He awoke to the sound of a soft voice:
“I am the ghost of Xmas Past. These products are shadows of things that have been. Look upon them this weekend”

Products from the Ghost of Vintage…

Ebenezer Scrooge had seen all the beautiful products and was now struggling to sleep.
He jumped up and heard a booming voice:
“Come and know me better! I am the ghost of Xmas Present. These products are things from today. Look upon them this weekend”

Products from The Ghost of Modern…

Ebenezer Scrooge had liked the modern products and was just thinking about Christmas presents for himself when all of a sudden he was surrounded by mist.
The Phantom that now stood before him didn’t say a word.
“I am in the presence of the ghost of Xmas yet to come arent I? You are going to show me products that are shadows of things that have yet to come. I am to look upon them this weekend” said Mr Scrooge.

Products from the Ghost of all things Techy…

Ebenezer Scrooge was a changed man by the time The Phantom’s visit came to an end. 

He liked all the techy products so much that he wasn’t just thinking of himself. He was thinking of giving Christmas gifts to Bob Cratchit and others he worked with.

Are you looking for a Christmas gift?

We can be your Online Personal Shoppers this weekend 🙂

If there is anything in particular that you’re looking for just comment below and we will work our magic while you go and play the games  

See if you can win yourself a prize!

We will reply to your comments; we’re here until 10pm

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Online events are important for small businesses on Facebook to get seen by a wider audience. We create fun, interactive, online event experiences, and have been doing this for 2 years. We have already helped over 140 small businesses market their products and increase their brand awareness with our awesome online events.
Each event is themed and packed full of humour for both seller and shopper. We showcase introductions for each business involved so that shoppers get to know who they are buying from.
The event itself invites visitors to explore each Facebook business page in addition to their other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
There are games hosted by many of the business pages involved where you can win a prize or discount off purchases, and every event also features a Grand prize competition to win a cash prize to spend at any of the businesses taking part in the event.
Since April 2019, attendees have also been able to access the events right here via our KLE website where we also offer our personal shopper experience unique to our Facebook online events. Shoppers can comment with specific items they are looking for and we will search for products while the visitors try their luck at the fun games around the event business pages. Games add a touch of excitement to shopping on an e-commerce website. Who wouldn’t want a free gift?!
We are Kelly and Laura. The dream team behind this innovative concept of online shopping and have loads more new exciting plans for the future. Join us and make your online shopping experience fun.
More events coming in 2020 so follow us and be one of the first to find out all the exciting news!

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