Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year <3

Valentines Day gifts
Coming in January 2021
Valentines Day Event
Coming in January 2021

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It’s not all doom and gloom


What a very strange time we’ve had this year!! I don’t know about you, but it seems to have gone quickly and all merged together.

We’ve survived it, and we can all hope to make 2021 a better year, and one to remember for all the right reasons.

Quite often the bad things outshine the good, so I thought I’d look at some of the positives from the year so we can end it on a high.

Pollution is dropping

Because of the worldwide lockdowns and increased numbers of people staying at home, the levels of air pollutants and warming gases are down almost 50% compared to this time last year. This has given nature a chance to fight back! Residents of Venice are noticing a vast improvement in the quality of the famous canals that run through the city, which are running clear for the first time in years, and fish can even be seen in the usually murky waters. This has been down to a drastic drop in water traffic means sediment in the canals has been able to settle.

Cancelled flights and less commercial and industrial activity during lockdown means reduced air and light pollution around the world. This means we’ve been able to enjoy some spectacular night skies, and the Northern Lights have even been visible in more places.

Community spirit

We have seen the whole country pulling together. Keyworkers have been helping to keep the country running, while neighbours have been helping those isolating. We’ve also seen people out on the streets, clapping for carers.

Fundraising has been going strong too. Despite the difficult times, Capt. Tom Moore raised a phenomenal £32m+, all by doing laps in his garden! And he is definitely well loved around the nation – he got 150,000 birthday cards! And in the last few days, the generous people at British Airways have gifted him and his family a holiday to Barbados. I can think of no one better who deserves it.

The nation's shops pulling together

Lots of high street favourites such as Pret and Greggs, offered freebies to hard-working NHS staff and vulnerable groups.

Supermarkets also showed their support by offering discount, and having specific shopping times.

A lot of them also gave their employees a bonus for working through these difficult times.

Koalas are being released back into the wild

At the same time the dreaded C-word was starting to fly around, Australia was battling wild fires. One of the worst-affected areas was Kangaroo Island in South Australia –renowned for its biodiversity, and in particular, the koala. About 50,000 of the cuddly creatures lived there before the fires but it’s now feared as few as 5,000 are left, with much of their habitat destroyed. WWF have described it as ‘one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history’

I’m happy to say though that they’ve been able to start re-releasing rescued koalas back into the wild.

Mass volunteering

Shortly after a government plea, over 500,000 people volunteered to deliver food and medicine to vulnerable people, transport them to appointments, and speak to isolated people on the phone. These amazing people are the NHS Volunteer Responders.

Africa declared free of Polio

Back in August, the World Health Organisation delivered the news that there had been no new cases of the polio virus recorded on the continent of Africa since 2016.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a lot of doom and gloom around us. I’ll be honest, I don’t really watch/read the news for this very reason. Ignorance is bliss!

I do however follow The Happy Newspaper on Instagram/Facebook. They release a quarterly newspaper which celebrates all that’s good in the world from the previous 3 months

It’s a great little pick me up – How can the thought of penguins wondering around a museum not put a smile on your face

Kate x

Event Ambassador


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The Crafty Camper

Our first Vendor has arrived 🙂

You can now shop and purchase direct on our website from any of our vendors.

Just add items to your cart and purchase without leaving the site.

I’m hoping to have more new vendors soon 🙂

Anything currently marked BUY takes you outside of the website to visit small business pages (Facebook, Etsy etc) These are all from before the website upgrade in November 2020. You can still visit them too, leave some love 🙂

Whilst you’re here why not pop over and visit Emily from The Crafty Camper.

She makes the most beautiful crochet creations.

Here are just a few items you’ll find in her store

As well as the normal KL Online Shopping Events (KLE) run on Facebook, Instagram and Website, I will also be having themed website only events.

What are website only events ?

I’ll have blogs dedicated to the theme that will connect you to stores and products through the month. You will be able to purchase straight from the website.

The themes will run alongside the KLE events but won’t include any of the stalls taking part in those events unless they happen to be a website vendor.

Valentines Day Event
The next KL Online Shopping Event on 26th Janaury 2021 is dedicated to all things for Valentines Day.
Valentines Day gifts
Website theme for January will be LOVE

FOLLOW so you don’t miss anything!


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I’m announcing the December winner today BUT ALSO showing the past winners because they haven’t contacted me to claim their stall slot.

December winner is Laura Heffernan


Please contact me – details below.

The following people / businesses have WON FREE STALL SLOTS but have not contacted me.

You have until 31st December 2020 to contact me to claim your FREE access to a KLE event in 2021.

March winner – The Handmade Studio

June winner – Bernie Bubbles

September winner – Sunshine Coast Craft Supplies

Contact me:

Email –

Messenger – 


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Out with the old, in with the new

So Covid well and truly threw a spanner in the works when it came to lots of events and celebrations this year. I’m afraid New Year’s Eve will be no exception.

With all tiers limiting social gatherings and venues either closed or under strict opening opens, I think most of us will be celebrating at home this year.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – you can still have fun despite probably being at home. As a family with a toddler, we have spent the last few New Year’s Eves at home. I thought I’d share a few ideas on how to enjoy your night – and make it not like every other night at home!!

Meet friends/family during the day instead. Under the current rules, you can have up to 6 people meet in parks etc. Why not go for a walk and catch up during the day. You can always carry on the run later on in the evening online.

Grab this FREE Kids activity Pack for home printing.

Throw your own party with the people you live with. There’s no rule against having a few drinks and party food in your own home. A great excuse to have some cake too. Get the music and disco lights going to create a party feel. If you’re brave (and sensible) you could also do fireworks in your garden. Why not let your neighbours know too, they can enjoy them too whilst still distancing.

Virtual gathering with the likes of Zoom/Skype etc video calls. A great way to be in touch with friends and family we might otherwise have been seeing in person on the night. You can still get dressed up, have party games, and even share a playlist.

Movie night. Get popcorn at the ready and dim the lights for a film night. This is perfect for those who would normally be going to see the big Christmas releases at the cinema. Some of the newest films are available to watch via Sky Cinema etc

Board Game night. Who doesn’t love a family game of monopoly at Christmas time! Other games are available. No one wants to fall out with anyone!

Murder Mystery / Escape Room. McMillian have come up with a great way to have fun and raise funds. This could be done within your house, or virtually with more people

Leave the past behind – I think a lot of people are wishing 2020 away and wishing for a better 2021. In some cultures, people do a big house clean to get rid of the bad from that year, and welcome in the good of the new year ahead. You could do similar in your garden with a fire pit/chiminea, by writing down things that we want to banish and toss them into the fire. Maybe if everyone does this, it’ll get rid of Covid?!?!?! It’s worth a try!

You can even get things now that you put on the fire to give the flames a Northern Lights effect. Create your own light show

Curl up in front of the TV. BBC One have announced that they will be hosting a night of entertain that the whole nation is invited to

The fun starts at 9pm with ‘The Big New Year’s In’, hosted by Paddy McGuinness joined by celebrity guests to wave goodbye to 2020. There will be live extravaganza of fun, music, games, surprises and even a quiz.

This will be followed by a special New Year’s Eve edition of The Graham Norton Show as Graham presides over his traditional end of year talk show joined by special guests.

Taking us into the New Year at the midnight slot will be multi-award winning global superstar Alicia Keys

There’s no right or wrong way to see in the New Year, but don’t let the current circumstances put a downer on it.

Kate x

Event Ambassador

Coming in 2021…

Valentines Day Event
Next KL Online Shopping Event
Valentines Day gifts
January Website only event theme

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International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is November 19th.

I know we celebrate IWD. Do you celebrate IMD ?

Please read the above link for more details about IMD.

One of the challenges mentioned is that of “men as parents, especially as single parents. There is also focus on Fathers rights.”

Yes I’m a woman but I have experience of seeing fathers rights first hand.

When my daughter was born she had to have a Canula put in her arm as I had Group Strep B

I was still recovering from a C section when a Nurse came to me and my husband telling me that they were struggling to get the canula into baby.

The female Nurse looked at me even though she was stood next to my husband, baby’s father, and asked “Can we put the canula in her head?”

My husband said yes. I was still a little dazed and was too busy thinking omg that sounds awful.

I heard my husband so I know the Nurse heard so I didn’t say anything.

They needed to get it in. I would have said yes anyway but my husband had beat me too it. Nothing else to say.


The Nurse looked at me and said “I need you to tell me”

I remember saying that my husband had replied but she said again that it needed to come from me as the mother.

I of course said yes straight away “Do what you need”.

BUT I remember thinking a lot at the time and afterwards…why couldn’t they take my husband’s word for it?

In the end they got the canula in her arm and not in her head, but I could see little pin pricks where they had tried 🙁

Yes I’m the Mum.

Yes I carried baby. 

He is the Dad.

He helped create the baby!

They knew we were married and together. I just think it wasn’t necessary. Especially as it was a medical decision. 

Celebrate the men in our lives <3

Now we’re close to Christmas, and if you too have a marvellous male that you would like to buy a gift for, please take a look at what my website residents have to offer 🙂

Boys and men <3


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Children’s Book Week

November 9 – November 15 is Children’s Book Week internationally.

There are books galore!


Book marks!

And notebooks so you can write your own books!


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What you get with a KL Event

I’ve created and hosted each virtual online shopping event since I opened in June 2017. I’m not a newbie. I know what I’m doing. I get the best for YOUR business.
I don’t have an album of products on my page. I link YOU to my Facebook, website and Instagram. Your products go onto all those platforms and any products I’ve uploaded stay on my website for a month following the event.
The events are held on 2 platforms and from next year they‘ll be on 3.
I direct shoppers to YOU so that all the interaction increases your brand awareness. This is your chance to sell yourself, chat live and make those sales
You get access to the Training and Support Group from date of acceptance until the end of the event month for FREE (otherwise £5 per month)
Everyone has fun, sellers and shoppers, because of all the games and competitions involved with each event
I advertise constantly on Facebook, Instagram, Google, my website, through blogs and on YouTube.
Explaination of what stall holders will get from being involved in a KL Online Shopping Event
You'll be seen on many different platforms when you're involved in a KL Online Shopping Event

Of course you have a few questions. Have I answered them here for you? Please do message me if I haven’t 🙂

If you interested in applying please check out the APPLICATIONS and apply for a theme that suits your business
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National Spa Week

November 9 – November 15 is National Spa Week in the UK <3

I did not know there was such a thing until a few weeks ago.

I know we can’t go to them at the moment because of lockdown but please read on, I have some home treatment ideas for you x

I am 41. I had my first ever spa treatment (a facial) when I was 38 ! I had my first ever Spa Day with my friend whilst we were on holiday and then another for my 40th birthday and loved it.

I went to Aqua Sana as it was only an hour drive away. There are plenty of others Spas.

Don’t wait as long as me.

It’s not scary.

It can feel a bit daunting, especially going alone. But that’s why you go with a friend. You will feel more at ease. You can chat whilst you enjoy the pool and you can relax together during treatments. It really is wonderful. I can highly recommend a Spa and can’t wait until I can go again.

You have to be 16 to go to most Spas but some do Teen Days and offer treatments to those under 16.

Check your Spa before you go.

My experience alone.

I arrived at reception and was greeted by a friendly lady who gave me a locker key and told me where to go and wait for my treatment.

I was given a robe and pair of slippers.

I was a little nervous but also excited. The atmosphere was calm and had lovely music playing.

Whilst I waiting for my treatment I had to complete a form. Name, allergies, health etc.

The facial itself was glorious. She must have used about 15 products, I did wonder what on earth she was doing to my face! I felt lovely afterwards though. I was given access to a semi-dark large room so that I could relax and unwind for as long as I wanted.

I managed about 10 minutes. I get bored way to easily.

I could have had a shower but I felt too nice and smelt so lush that I didn’t want to ruin it.

I walked back to reception, which is also their shop. Yes they give you a card after your treatment, full of products you should try! I bought some moisturiser. It was the most expensive moisturiser ever.

Spot of tea at the Spa 😉

My experience with my friend.

This was gorgeous <3

A totally different experience. Maybe because I had been before but I think it was because I wasn’t on my own.

We were given robes and towels. We put our things in lockers and she decided we weren’t having showers after because we would feel too awesome <3 I understood this x

My friend was super excited to show me around; she had been on a spa day before.

There were rooms all over the place. Saunas, steamrooms, showers (different smells and temperatures), hot tubs, foot spas, sleep rooms and a pool.

We chatted at times. We relaxed at times. It was amazing.

I felt more relaxed and more confident about being there. Walking around in a robe all day is weird 😉 Being with a friend was definitely better than being on my own. 

According to the Awareness Days Calendar “From the 9th – 15th November 2020, thousands of spas and salons across the UK are uniting to offer lots of exciting introductory offers and promotions on spa treatments so that more people can give it a try’.”

Give yourself some home treatment before you get to go in person…

Skin care
Hair care
New nails
Sleep aid
Stress relief

Gift a friend some home treatment this Christmas…

Skin care gifts
Perfume gifts
Edible gifts
Fragranced gifts

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Santa Event Winners!

Thank you joining me this weekend, it’s been AMAZING <3 and I hope you had fun visiting all those gorgeous shops <3

You have helped these small businesses to get seen by commenting on their posts and interacting, so thank you so much for joining me 🙂
Don’t forget that you can shop on the website 24/7 whether there is an event on or not. I have many awesome residents 🙂 Follow my blog too and if you have a stall you’ll automatically be placed into a drawer every 3 months for a chance to win a FREE stall slot. You wont ever miss an event either because they will also be sent to you 🙂

Here are the winners of all the event competitions. Please contact the shop next to your name to claim your prize. Congratulations to you all 🙂 Thank you x
For the Grand prize competitions please contact me – You have 48 hours to make your claim.

1) Alice Dawn Jewellery

2)Jane’s Wax melts

3)JFH art

4)VersaStyle by Laura

5)Kanzashi accessories

6)My 2 little buttons

7)The Crafty Camper

8)Fairy Nook Cottage

9)Taylor Made


11)Blissful Hearts Galore

12)Claire’s little Library

13)Lissie Boo Bows

14)More than Just Cards

15)A Shimmer of Glitter

16)Peerie Breeks Shells and Gifts

17)Lael Louise exclusive

18)KBH Sand art

19)The Aloe life with Melissa and Emma

20)Stylish Scents

21)JJ felt Crafty

22)Kirsties Beauty Body Paradise

23)Simply Scented Pontefract

24)Home is where the art is

25)Kellys Kids Designs

Kelly 🙂

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