Happy New Year!

Hi, Hello, G’day, Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

We hope you have had a fabulous Christmas, New Year and a fantastic start to 2020 🙂

KLE is starting the New Year with announcements on Facebook but we couln’t forget about our loyal webbers so please read on for all the cool details….

  1. From now on if you join an event you will receive your very own Boost Stamp at the end of it

When you have collected 8 stamps you’ll get a free blog about your awesome business on our new KLE Boost page on our website. A tailor-made blog, with your links, to show off your news 
Awesome Evening = 1 stamp, Fabulous Day = 2 stamps, Sensational Weekend = 3 stamps.

KLE Boost.

2) From now, every 3 months we are going to be drawing a name from our website followers…..WHY??…..
The name pulled from the list will WIN a free stall slot in one of our events.
(If, unfortunately, that lovely follower doesn’t have a business then we will re-draw.)
To be in with a chance of winning a free stall slot please follow our website Event/Blog page.
(Please note that you have to confirm your address from the email sent to you before your name appears on our list)


No deadline. This will automatically happen every 3 months. Winner will be announced as a post on here on our Facebook page and our website, and they will be asked to contact us.
Only 1 free slot for the winner and the slot cannot be used on an event you have already been selected for.
This competition is not affiliated with Facebook.

Subscribe to Event/Blog via Email

Enter your email address to subscribe to our Event/blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

3) We will have a Grand Prize on our Facebook page as we do now AND we will have one here on the website
(not linked to Facebook but actually ON this website).

So you can enter both competitions!!!! Woohoo!!

Right here.

We will be trialling a Website Only Event this year too.

We hope to be able to get you completely off Facebook (no links to it at all from our website) so that business owners without a Facebook page can also join in our fun online shopping events, as we feel that they’re missing out x 

We will still have our Facebook event don’t worry! 

Our aim is to be able to support more small businesses in many ways without it having to matter how they are selling their products/services 🙂

Do you fancy joining the 154 small businesses who have been involved in our events?

Yes, of course you do! Then please do visit us 🙂

Awesome Evening Applications – Best for beginners.

Fabulous Day Applications.

Sensational Weekend Applications.

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