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How do online events work?

Our online events are totally different to the online events you see on Facebook run by other companies. In most of them you see an album of products and all you do is comment “sold” on the photo you want. That’s it, purchase sorted, you can log off now. 🙁

At KL Online Shopping Events we try to be as close to a physical event as you possibly can online. We want the fun, not just the selling:)

On Facebook and here on our website we host and entertain visitors and we offer an online personal shopper experience. You don’t need a ticket. You definitely don’t need to stand in a queue. You won’t get rained on or get cold waiting in a large venue.

With our Online Shopping Events you get to have fun by playing the games, joining in the competitions and winning prizes. We have fun for the whole family, sometimes we have printables for the kids and competitions to include the kids  

We only host the event. We actually ask that visitors go to each small business Facebook page. This increases their engagement and gets them seen in newsfeeds. Just by leaving an emoji or a comment each visitor is helping that small business 🙂 When a visitor gets to a page they’ll find the owner so that they can chat live if they want; a pinned post with their product album that fits the event theme and maybe a game to play. Stall holders can host a game if they want to but its not mandatory. 

Here on our website we connect visitors with the stall holders Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest and websites, so they can shop their own way and not have to go through Facebook if they don’t want.

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When you search on the web for “online events” the results show companies selling webinars, online training or websites selling tickets to physical events. These are not what we consider “online events”.
There are hundreds of actual “online events” out there! Some call them market nights or craft fayres. They’re all ONLINE EVENTS. Events that are done online…woah! Mind blown!!
Hundreds of craft small businesses use these events to sell their creations but there is also a market for non craft businesses to join these events. They are perfect for new businesses out there that’s for sure. You’ll be seen by loads of potential customers.
JUNE 2017 TO DEC 2019 = 154 (27 EVENTS)

Below are screenshots to show how our events differ on Facebook and here on our website…

Scroll through posts on Facebook and look through tabs

On our website its all in one blog, with sidebar if you’re on the site…

The best way to find out how one of our events work is to join in yourself as a visitor!

If you like what you see and you have your own business then you could think about joining an Awesome Evening Event. (best for beginners)

Stall holder

Apply to be a stall holder by joining a group. No obligation once you join.

Each announcement in each group is a different theme. There could be 1 announcement or 5! Read them all so you don’t miss the perfect theme for your small business.

Read all the details first and then comment on that announcement to apply 🙂

We commit to our events 100% and offer a tailor made experience for everyone taking part which involves many hours of work and preparation from us. All we ask is that all stall holders only apply if they are willing to take part in all aspects of the event process (including adhering to deadlines so that we can ensure that all preparation is ready on time).

If you are lucky enough to be selected you will be invited to join the free secret planning group and the free training group.

Linked to Application groups

Every 3 months we are going to be drawing a name from our website followers.
The name pulled from the list will win a free stall slot in one of our events. 🤩🤩

(If, unfortunately, that lovely follower doesn’t have a business then we will re-draw.)

To be in with a chance of winning a free stall slot please follow our website Events page by clicking Subscribe.

(Please note that you have to confirm your address from the email sent to you before your name appears on our lovely followers list)

No deadline. This will automatically happen every 3 months.

Winner will be announced as a post on our Facebook page and our website, and they will be asked to contact us.

Only 1 free slot for the winner and the slot cannot be used on an event you have already been selected for.

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