A virtual success story

A virtual success story

A huge virtual change...

Hi everyone, Laura here, one half of KLE, many of you will know that I am also a hairstylist. Lockdown has meant a massive shake up for my business over the last month.

I was so sad to receive messages from all my brides and clients booked in for April and May (and futher along now the longer lockdown lasts) to say they had been forced to cancel or reschedule.

However this made me visit an idea that I had been thinking about for some time. Part of my services include teaching one to one braiding lessons and group workshops. I had been toying with the idea of widening my target audience to outside of my local area by offering online braiding lessons and workshops. To test if the theory would work I decided to offer a trial run of FREE online workshops LIVE from my Facebook page. I was super nervous, having never done a LIVE before and quickly set up an event page before I could back out. I shared it around and before I knew it I had gained a lot of interest!! No chance of ducking out now

The first session went LIVE on 25th March and I was blown away to have over 9k views!!

Incredible, that so many people tuned in to see little old me demonstrating a braiding technique from the corner of my living room lol! After finding the first 10 mins a little bit terrifying I soon settled into it and found my way. Five weeks later I have now doubled my Facebook followers, have regulars joining in my weekly free LIVEs and I also have successfully taught lots of ONLINE one to one braiding sessions over the app Zoom, which I have been charnging just £10 for (Pre lockdown my one to one sessions were £25). 

This has enabled me to continue earning, albeit a much smaller amount, and also carry on doing what I love while stuck inside. My clients have been all over the UK as well as reaching places as far as South Africa! Amazing!! 

So, although lockdown has been really hard in terms of not being able to see loved ones and friends, juggling parenting, homeschooling, work, chores etc, and not to mention the lack of adult conversation; I have found a major positive with my business and I am excited for the future and the new opportunities this forced change has brought .

If you would like to join in my FREE online workshops, they are every Wednesday at 3pm at www.facebook.com/versastylebylaura.

I am covering simple braid and style techniques perfect for everyone to have a go at. If you’d like to learn something more complex, for example a Dutch or French braid, I would love to teach you.

You can find full details about my sessions in the Services tab on my page .

Keep safe everyone and happy braiding

Laura xx

Click to visit Laura

Don’t forget to join our Lockdown Special Event this Friday 🙂 

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