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Thank you joining me tonight and I hope you had fun visiting all those gorgeous shops <3

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Here are tonight’s winners of all the event competitions. Please contact the shop next to your name to claim your prize. Congratulations to you all 🙂 Thank you x

🤩For the Grand prize competitions please contact me – You have 48 hours to make your claim.🤩

I’ll see you at the next event. I believe in Santa Claus Online Shopping Event on 7th and 8th November.

1)Janes candles uk

2)Storybook Creations by Ceri

3)JJ felt crafty

4)VersaStyle by Laura

5)Dawns Decoratives

6)The crafty camper

7)Taylor Mayde

8)Blissful heart galore

9)Claires little library

10)Kids bee happy sand art – Sarah

11)More than just cards

12)Mad marvellous things

13)Peerie Breeks shells and gifts

14)Kellys Kids Designs

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I believe in FairyTales Online Shopping Event

The I believe in FairyTales Online Shopping Event Story is now open 🙂
As you open the magical storybook that is KLE you’ll find my mystical stall holders along with links to the 5 enchanted KLE games. All competitions close at 9pm tonight but shops are open until 10pm.
You can use my spellbound unique Online Shopper experience anytime during the event too.
Welcome to the I believe in FairyTales Online Shopping Event

Please do visit each chapter of our story tonight and discover fantastic new businesses to shop with.


I’m going to tell you a Fairy story.

Fairy stories are a magical part of childhood and adulthood if you have your own children.

I’m sure you all had your own version of the books from Claires little library.

Once upon a time there was a wonderous pregnant Fairy named Ellette.

Ellette came from Mad Marvellous Things, a strange village in the middle of an enchanted forest.

Ellette needed to travel to a safer place to have her baby.

One day Ellette met a fairy that was full of Blissful hearts galore, she sang with a beautiful voice and informed Ellette that she would be meeting a stranger on her travels and that she must beware.

Ellette met many strange creatures as she walked out of the forest and onto the kids bee happy sands. A mystical desert.

She had nothing to fear here so she carried on.

There was a castle at the edge of the desert with a stunning rainbow. This charmed place was Peerie breeks.

This is where Ellette met Sophia the unicorn. She said that she would meet many fairies along the way, most of them friendly, that would do her no harm.

Some of the fairies were very shy and quiet and carried Janes wax melts, candles and crystals with them to guard from evil spirits. 

and other fairies that she met on her travels said they were storybook creations by Ceri which made no sense at all to Ellette.

Maybe she had baby brain already 😉

Ellette came across Dawns Decorations, a bewitched shop in a far off village.

Ellette touched the believe unicorn and was suddenly transported through a portal

to JJ Felt Crafty, a dreamy world in another realm.  A soft world which was very pleasant on her tired feet.

Ellette met Meranda the mermaid. 

Meranda showed Ellette a symbol. A unicorn on a shield.

She told her that this unicorn would protect her and all she needed to do was to ask the crafty camper for help when she needed it.

So Ellette walked on. 

She came across a mesmerizing character dressed in black. Was this who she had been warned about? 

This hypnotising Queen looked into Ellette’s eyes. She was Taylor the Terrified.

Taylor Mayde Ellette fall to the ground.

But that’s when she saw it.

A unicorn symbol on the tree next to her. 

There was some small words etched next to it. Ellette shouted out loud…. Kellys Kids Designs

All of a sudden there were unicorns swooping all around.

Magic sparks shot through the air and swept Taylor away.

The magic that she saw was VersaStyle by Laura. A most powerful spell performed by Laura lady of the lake.

Laura had saved Ellette and her unborn baby.

She took her safely to a hidden village high up on mountain where the pretty paper people lived. 

A land called More than just Cards.


I hope that you have enjoyed discovering these small businesses and playing their games.

If you haven’t managed to visit them all yet and you’d like some help with your shopping then please leave a comment or send me a message before 10pm. I’ll go shopping for you.

There are sooo many prizes to win at this I believe in FairyTales Online Shopping Event tonight. Click a graphic to enter.

You can enter as many as you want. All games and competitions close at 9pm. Shops are open until 10pm so you have plenty of time to do everything!

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The End.

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