Cute Christmas interview

Ahead of the I believe in Santa Claus Online Shopping Event Emily has written the cutest blog ever! Enjoy…

Christmas this year will be very strange and different to years past. We are all trying to keep sane and there will be family, friends and loved ones we will unlikely be able to see this year.

My husband and I have formed a support bubble with my 93 year Mum, who is on her own and this means that unless things change, Christmas will just be the three of us, along with Ruby and Zac (our two faithful furbabies).

As a community, we have all decided, as a whole, to put our lights and decorations up early and so over the next few weeks, our village will start to emerge as a winter wonderland. I think visitors and passers by will be cheered by the festive sights as they drive through and the children will be warmed by the different themes and the cheery glow.

Christmas in my house always looks like something from The Burrow (as I am a massive Harry Potter fan). This year I have purchased some remote control candles and I am waiting for James to run some fishing line along the conservatory roof and I will hang them over the dining table. So hopefully I will be able to transform our room in to the Great Hall.


I thought it would be nice if (as I cannot visit them) to interview my two nephews (age 3 and a half, and 7 months), so this is Christmas according to Archie and George…

1. Archie, what are you most looking forward to about Christmas this year?
I am looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree.”
2. Do you think Santa is all ready to bring presents to everyone?
“Yes, Rudolph is ready to pull the sleigh”
3. What do you think Santa looks like?
“I don’t know”
4. What would be your bestest present this year?
“A station for my railway set”
5. What do you think George thinks about Christmas and what do you think he would like from Santa?
“Don’t know, but I think he would like tomatoes”
6. Are you going to leave Santa a treat for visiting?
“Yes, Doritos for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer”
7. What have you got Mummy and Daddy for Christmas?
“I don’t know. Father Christmas is bringing them”

Christmas in our family is usually split over two days, so we get to celebrate twice – it is really a lovely thing as we get to spend time with the extended family whom we don’t see throughout the rest of the year. I think this year we all have to think a little outside the box, so there will be plenty of Facetime calls, but mostly I will be glad to know that we are all keeping to the rules so that the likes of my future sister-in-law (a frontline nurse) and my husband (a keyworker in a retirement complex) can all carry out their jobs safely and get to come home.

Wishing everyone a safe Christmas this year. Remember the little things and try to enjoy however you are planning to spend the day. We are all connected because of this, so from my family to yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas, cheer and gaiety to all.
Emily, Archie and George

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