National Spa Week

November 9 – November 15 is National Spa Week in the UK <3

I did not know there was such a thing until a few weeks ago.

I know we can’t go to them at the moment because of lockdown but please read on, I have some home treatment ideas for you x

I am 41. I had my first ever spa treatment (a facial) when I was 38 ! I had my first ever Spa Day with my friend whilst we were on holiday and then another for my 40th birthday and loved it.

I went to Aqua Sana as it was only an hour drive away. There are plenty of others Spas.

Don’t wait as long as me.

It’s not scary.

It can feel a bit daunting, especially going alone. But that’s why you go with a friend. You will feel more at ease. You can chat whilst you enjoy the pool and you can relax together during treatments. It really is wonderful. I can highly recommend a Spa and can’t wait until I can go again.

You have to be 16 to go to most Spas but some do Teen Days and offer treatments to those under 16.

Check your Spa before you go.

My experience alone.

I arrived at reception and was greeted by a friendly lady who gave me a locker key and told me where to go and wait for my treatment.

I was given a robe and pair of slippers.

I was a little nervous but also excited. The atmosphere was calm and had lovely music playing.

Whilst I waiting for my treatment I had to complete a form. Name, allergies, health etc.

The facial itself was glorious. She must have used about 15 products, I did wonder what on earth she was doing to my face! I felt lovely afterwards though. I was given access to a semi-dark large room so that I could relax and unwind for as long as I wanted.

I managed about 10 minutes. I get bored way to easily.

I could have had a shower but I felt too nice and smelt so lush that I didn’t want to ruin it.

I walked back to reception, which is also their shop. Yes they give you a card after your treatment, full of products you should try! I bought some moisturiser. It was the most expensive moisturiser ever.

Spot of tea at the Spa 😉

My experience with my friend.

This was gorgeous <3

A totally different experience. Maybe because I had been before but I think it was because I wasn’t on my own.

We were given robes and towels. We put our things in lockers and she decided we weren’t having showers after because we would feel too awesome <3 I understood this x

My friend was super excited to show me around; she had been on a spa day before.

There were rooms all over the place. Saunas, steamrooms, showers (different smells and temperatures), hot tubs, foot spas, sleep rooms and a pool.

We chatted at times. We relaxed at times. It was amazing.

I felt more relaxed and more confident about being there. Walking around in a robe all day is weird 😉 Being with a friend was definitely better than being on my own. 

According to the Awareness Days Calendar “From the 9th – 15th November 2020, thousands of spas and salons across the UK are uniting to offer lots of exciting introductory offers and promotions on spa treatments so that more people can give it a try’.”

Give yourself some home treatment before you get to go in person…

Skin care
Hair care
New nails
Sleep aid
Stress relief

Gift a friend some home treatment this Christmas…

Skin care gifts
Perfume gifts
Edible gifts
Fragranced gifts

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