International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is November 19th.

I know we celebrate IWD. Do you celebrate IMD ?

Please read the above link for more details about IMD.

One of the challenges mentioned is that of “men as parents, especially as single parents. There is also focus on Fathers rights.”

Yes I’m a woman but I have experience of seeing fathers rights first hand.

When my daughter was born she had to have a Canula put in her arm as I had Group Strep B

I was still recovering from a C section when a Nurse came to me and my husband telling me that they were struggling to get the canula into baby.

The female Nurse looked at me even though she was stood next to my husband, baby’s father, and asked “Can we put the canula in her head?”

My husband said yes. I was still a little dazed and was too busy thinking omg that sounds awful.

I heard my husband so I know the Nurse heard so I didn’t say anything.

They needed to get it in. I would have said yes anyway but my husband had beat me too it. Nothing else to say.


The Nurse looked at me and said “I need you to tell me”

I remember saying that my husband had replied but she said again that it needed to come from me as the mother.

I of course said yes straight away “Do what you need”.

BUT I remember thinking a lot at the time and afterwards…why couldn’t they take my husband’s word for it?

In the end they got the canula in her arm and not in her head, but I could see little pin pricks where they had tried 🙁

Yes I’m the Mum.

Yes I carried baby. 

He is the Dad.

He helped create the baby!

They knew we were married and together. I just think it wasn’t necessary. Especially as it was a medical decision. 

Celebrate the men in our lives <3

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Boys and men <3


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