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We are Kelly and Laura. 30 something ladies  from opposite ends of the country with lots of qualities in common.

We are both extremely organised with a shared love in helping other people (we maybe a little crazy too, but aren’t we all ).

We joined forces, after working on a couple of events together, to create Facebook’s first ever online Summer Carnival event. It was a huge success and resulted in this new business venture for us as a team, KL Events, where we will be planning, organising and hosting many fabulous events for you to take part in.

KL Events has become KL Online Shopping Events. Each event will be a different theme and will cater for all budgets. What makes our events different from your average market night? Well, if you have been part of any of our previous events, you will know that we don’t just put on an event with an album of wares… we put on a whole show, including entertainment, music, games, fun, prizes, videos, etc THE WHOLE WORKS! We’ve even had fireworks

We are so excited about all of the amazing ideas we have planned and the best part is YOU get the chance to be part of it all.

Every event will have an application process so that we can be sure to have a range of products/budgets/pages involved each time, and we will always advertise this well before hand to give you a chance to get involved.

Everyone is welcome to apply for as many of the events as you wish from the open applications on our Facebook page 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you 

Kelly and Laura xx

We now have 8 absolutely amazing Event Reps on our team under our Affiliate programme and we couldn’t do as much advertising for you and your pages without them. They help us advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and our website.
They are a fun, awesome addition to our team and we love them x
Please meet Jo, Vicky, Dawn, Jane, Ceri, Claire, Rebecca and Jayne.

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