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KL Online Shopping Events started as an awesome partnership made up of two ladies, Kelly and Laura (hence the KL bit). Kelly and Laura met in 2016, opened KLEvents in 2017 and continued to work together until 2020.

Laura’s separate Hair Styling business was opened in 2019 and grew so much that in 2020 Laura made the hard decision of leaving KLE as a partner and moved to an ER role instead.

Kelly now runs KLE alone (keeping the KL as her initials for Kelly Louise) but has the support of Laura and her other amazing Event Reps. You can meet them below .

KL Online Shopping Events run fun events on Facebook and Website, and feature on many social media platforms to help get small businesses seen.

All events feature a large range of marketing materials and videos created by Kelly and her team.
We want the events to be unlike other Market Night’s you see, with added entertainment and a fun factor to draw in the customers, to help up the reach and engagement of the businesses involved.

From Facebook’s first ever Online Summer Carnival which involved everything you would normally see at a Carnival; stalls, games, clowns, fun, fireworks and more, KLE has evolved it’s array of shopping events and even started Online Event Awareness Day on 16th March.

Keep a look out for entertaining show style events covering a wide range of themes and occasions. Apply below. 🙂

I now have  absolutely amazing Event Reps on my team under the Affiliate programme and I couldn’t do as much advertising for you and your pages without them. They help me advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and this website. They are a fun, awesome addition to my team and I love them x
Please meet Laura, Jo, Vicky, Dawn, Jane, Ceri, Claire, Rebecca and Jayne.