Apply to be involved in a KL Online Shopping Event. These are the events held on Facebook, Instagram and Website. Whether you’re a Facebook business, Instagram, Etsy etc these events are great for increasing your brand awareness, and hopefully sales (sale not guaranteed).

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Please note that these are not the themed website only events that Vendors can partake in.

Explaination of what stall holders will get from being involved in a KL Online Shopping Event
You'll be seen on many different platforms when you're involved in a KL Online Shopping Event
This is me Kelly, the owner of KL Online Shopping Events

Event applications are open, please scroll down

If you join an event you will receive your very own Boost Stamp at the end of it 🙂

When you have collected 8 stamps you’ll get a free blog about your awesome business on our website. A tailor-made blog, with your links, to show off your news 🙂

Awesome Evening = 1 stamp,

Fabulous Day = 2 stamps,

Sensational Weekend = 3 stamps.

7pm - 10pm
10am - 10pm
10am Sat - 10pm Sun


Click here to apply.

(It will take you to a new website page with details and the application form.)

Or join the Facebook Application Group here.