The Runway event is coming soon!

I’m so excited to show you that my new event page has launched!

This is where all events will be in future, so that they don’t get lost in the blog posts and you know exactly where to find them on event day. There’s even a dedicated page in the menu.

Check it out before the event and subscribe if you want a reminder.

My next event is Runway on 21st October 2021…

Link to event page
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Show who you are

and make sure your style is YOU <3


Check out some of the items that will be available on 21st October at my Runway fashion event.

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Chillin in the riggin pirate event

Due to massive issues with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp we are holding this event tonight (4th) and tomorrow (5th).

Ooo argh and welcome aboard me hearties, this is the chillin in the riggin online shopping event. Lots of pirate themed handmade creations and treasure to be found ooo argh!

If you’ve never used KL Online Shopping Events before here’s how it works:

You can visit the stalls on Facebook and go around the virtual route system, which starts from my page, as if you were at a real fayre just by following the links in each stalls album comments.

I will be LIVE on my page with some of the stall holders as they show off their products in real time. You can purchase by commenting on the videos or messaging.

You can shop from each individual stall on Facebook or you can shop safely from here on the website all at once.

All those that attend the event get a goodie bag so if you’re here on the website during the event please give it a LIKE and message me so I can send you yours.

Please scroll down

Or check out the stall holders involved as if you were at a craft fayre by going along the virtual Facebook route via their product photo albums

Moonlit cat jewellery

Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m the face and hands behind The Moonlit Cat Handmade Jewellery. I started making Jewellery in 2012 when I needed something for a night out and couldn’t find anything I liked. Then I started making for Friends and Family, and it grew from there. My favourite materials to work with are beads and cord. Alot of my work is macramé and beadwork. I use beads of all kinds, from natural Gemstones to resin and acrylic. I love to make custom items, and enquiries are always welcome. 

Socksy Love

Hi I’m Lynz, from Socksy Love.
I make memory keepsakes and other personalised, sewn gifts x

Sand art with Jo

Hi I am Jo and I love sharing Sand Art and Fun with you all. Based in Cheshire, with my family I found Sand Art when out on a family outing. Sand Art is an amazing fun, all inclusive, wellness and glue free activity that every kid, 3 to 123 can enjoy!!! With 4 sizes and over 50 pictures to choose from there is something for everyone and occasion or event you need something fun for. Wedding, Special occasions, Ptas, Schools, an alternative Party Bags, plus so much more. Feel free to drop me a message on my page and I will be happy to help with your queries

Taylor Mayde

I am Rebekah from , and I’m on the website, our little home run business is now in it’s 8th year and we love working closely with our customers. We create handmade and printed items, all in house and customised to our customers requests. We create home dećor, gifts, clothing and much more. Pop on over to take a look, can’t see what you are looking for? No problem! ‘We create your imagination’ 💜

Janes wax melts, candles and crystals

Hello and thank you for joining me. My page is and I’m on the website. I make candles melts and reed diffusers. I also sell associated products plus Crystal’s I use vegan and natural ingredients in my products

KLE website

Visit me on Facebook to see the LIVEs

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Get your pieces of eight ready!

KL Online Shopping Events is bringing you a fantastic pirate event filled with lots of booty!!!!

Find lots of hidden treasures from your own stash of gold coin melts over at Janes Wax Melts, Candles and Crystals, to bunting to decorate your own ship hidden at Socksy Love!!

Sail with us on the black seas and fly your Jolly Roger on the 4th October 2021!!

Did you know the pirates were documented to be found as early as the 14th Century BC . It looks like, as long as the seas have been plied with commerce there’s been pirates!!!

A bit like our new day pirates on the internet and cyber crimes, but on the ocean, piracy exists through-out the ages and technology!!!

Well rest assured all our pirate sellers are 100% checked and fully creditable sellers here at KLE. So you can pioneer throughout the event with piece of mind.

Pirates weren’t all bad. They enjoyed a good time, and that’s just what you will get at any of our events, with Captain Kelly and her number one Quartermaster Connie at the wheel, you can grab some fantastic prize give-aways!!!

Go check KL Online Shopping Events Facebook page to see how to enter!!!

Grab a glass, and if you need to add to your glad rags pop on over to The Moonlit Cat Handmade Jewellery where you will definitely find some fab additions to your treasure chest!!

Don’t be a William Maurice (earliest pirate convicted in 1241) this is the place to be and for those early starters building their goodies sail by Sandart & Fun by Jo and find some great activities …

I bet Edward Seegar (renamed himself Edward England) wished he had treasure like we are bringing to you!!!

He was Irish, born in 1685 and was nicknamed Ned! Did you know he was marooned for showing compassion to some of his captives from the battle of Cassandra!!! His crew marooned him and he is thought to have died in 1720/21 from tropical disease.

Think he would have loved to have a wardrobe like on found over at Taylor Mayde UK !!!

These are just a handful of sellers you can find anchored and ready for this event. Sail your seas and pop on over to to join us for what will be a fun filled, cheeky all hands on deck event!!!!

So all hands ahoy and avast ye!!!!!! See you there!!!!!!

Blog by Brand Ambassador Rebekah x

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Event Goodie Bags are coming!

YES you read that right. My events are going to have Digital Goodie Bags!

Read on to find out what’s inside and how to get one!

If you attend an event on Facebook (by leaving emojis, comments on the day during the Lives or visiting stalls, sending messages during the event) you will be sent a Digital Goodie Bag.

If you attend an event on the website (you’ll have to like the post for me to know you were here, or make a purchase during the event) you will be sent a Digital Goodie Bag.

If you were a stall holder of an event you will also receive a Digital Goodie Bag.

Note: Likes, comments etc before or after event day do not count as attending the event.

What's in a digital goodie bag

  • KLE Social links.
  • Stall holders page links.
  • Details of next event.
  • Survey link.
  • KLE website link.
  • Any KLE vendor discount codes with deadline dates.
  • Discount codes if provided by stall holders – these can have deadlines on (please send them to me)
  • Free sample stamps if provided by stall holders – these can have deadlines on (if you want to do this please let me know what you want to give out as a sample and I’ll create your stamp. You will need to provide a code too so people can collect)

I already have 2 Discount Codes from the stall holders involved in the Chillin in the Riggin Pirate theme event.

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Ooo argh me hearties

“I thought it be time to show ya some of me treasure for the Chillin in the riggin event on 4th October”

You gotta read that with your pirate voice 😉

More pirate products coming so keep a look out in store, on Facebook or on TikTok

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What do we have in store?

Wondering what we have in store ?

Here’s a list of the product categories and how many items are currently in each category.

Why not take a look around. Christmas is only a few months away ! 

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FREE Christmas stall WINNER

I told you all about the Free Christmas stall slot giveaway on a blog, in my Facebook group and on my page. I even left it on the Fun page which I told everyone about on TikTok.

But I only had 6 entries !!!!!

So the winner is …

Tracey Conroy

Especially for you jewellery

Please email me within the next 48 hours to claim your free stall slot
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Free stall slot drawer

It is the SEPTEMBER free stall drawer.

This is where I randomly pick someone from the blog followers to win a FREE stall slot at one of my events. (not the Christmas fayre – that drawer will be very soon)

This will be the last drawer of this kind because of changes coming in 2022… you’ll get all those details on 3rd December x

So without further delay…the winner of the FREE small business stall slot is…


Please contact me before 18th September to claim this
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Alternative to Etsy and others

Alternative to Etsy and Shopify and NuMonday

Not just because of my fees being cheaper but because you get more too! Read on for details.

If, like me, you’re a crafter or creator (I make jewellery) you probably already know about, and may even use Etsy. I have used it in the past myself. It is very hard to break into because it is swamped. You’ll probably have to pay for adverts to get your products onto pages 1 to 10. This is after paying the fees for your products to stay on for just 4 months too! You have to pay and re-new them.

“As of 2020, more than 4.3 million sellers sold goods through Etsy”

If you want to use an ecommerce platform to sell your items on then take a look at the fees of different platforms below or in the video.

Store front examples

Etsy fees, Shopify fees, NuMonday fees and KLE fees.

  • Etsy = 14p per item for 4 months only. Need to pay and renew items for another 4 months.
  • Shopify = starts from £21 per month. Unlimited listings.
  • NuMonday = £10 per month. Unlimited listings.

**KLE = £5 per month. Unlimited listings.

  • Etsy = 5% transaction fee, 4% payment fee.
  • Shopify = No transaction fee unless external. Payment fees vary.
  • NuMonday = No transaction fee, payment fees vary.

**KLE = No transaction fee, no payment fee.

  • Etsy = no free trial.
  • Shopify = 14 day free trial.
  • NuMonday = 14 day free trial.

**KLE = Your first month is free. 30 days free!

This £5 per month KLE Vendorship includes all of this

This £5 per month KLE Vendorship includes:

  • Sell simple products, digital products or affiliated products.
  • Link your store to your social media platforms.
  • Easy step by step set up of your own shop with your own logo, branding and banner.
  • Vendor Admin Dashboard – Products, ledger book, articles, payments, customers, orders, settings, reports, review etc.
  • Use your own store policies.
  • Set up your own customer support, store hours and shipping.
  • Set your own SEO and social media links.
  • Personalised variants/categories if needed.
  • Support – knowledgebase on Dashboard, Training & Support Facebook group, Website residents group for stats, email/message me whenever you need.
  • A personalised Blog on KLE about your business after set up. (This is automatically sent to our followers)
  • You’ll feature on the KL Online Shopping Events social media platforms. 
  • Your store can take PayPal, Stripe and Debit/Credit Card transactions from customers. 
  • Automatic appearance in blogs if your products match the blog theme.
  • You can write your own blogs that will sit on your store and go onto the main blog page.
  • Shares to the Facebook shopping group
  • Appearing in TikTok videos
Contact me
Please share this with any small businesses you know

Here are some of my social media platforms. TikTok here and video above. Facebook below.

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