Beautiful fantasy blanket

Created for kids with tonnes of imagination. Snuggle up as a sleeping bunny; run and roar like a lion; or prance like an amazing unicorn! These award winning crochet animal hooded blankets are meant for fun… not just for keepsake. 

Emily’s wonderfully warm and toasty blankets have been crocheted in chunky wool. They’re perfect for reading time snuggles or letting imaginations run wild.

Prices range from £40 – £95.

They are available from The Crafty Camper here on my website.

They are designed to fit ages 2 – 10.

They are machine washable on a cool wash and delicate spin. Or you can wash by hand. This is handmade so aim for the cycle to be as gentle as possible. Avoid washing the blanket in the machine for long periods of time. 

Air dry. Dry flat.

More from Emily

Papercut Art
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I’m seeing lots of marvellous moons

for my upcoming Starsigns and Birthdays online shopping events on 29th April and it’s just so magical x

You can shop anytime from now until end of May for items in this event

I’ve tidied up my shop for you, hope you like it

Before you do go looking though, let me show you what will be available for this event with the awesome video below.

Turn the music on and you’ll be singing it all day !

This event is different to all the others as it’s an Etsy Party. 

What does that mean?

It means I’ll be showcasing business pages that have Etsy shops but can’t get them seen. The products for this event will go in my KLE favourites but they are the only ones affiliated. This means that clicking to buy will take you to their Etsy page. You won’t be able to purchase on the website like with all the other events.

Keep a look out for the next video with even more creations to admire !


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KLE is a community and I love it

KL Online Shopping Events (KLE) has been supporting businesses since opening in 2017 and over the years I’ve tried so hard to make it a community. Somewhere for sellers and shoppers to come together to network and chat. Not just show off creations and services but really get to know one another.

supporting small businesses
196 actually !

Community – “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage”

My community is wide...

I obviously have my KLE Facebook page and website where I share product photos, videos, myself but I also have…

A free training group on Facebook for small businesses; where they can ask questions without being judged; where they can learn basics and more advanced parts of being a business, and where they can network with new and old Facebook businesses.

I have the brand new free KLE Craft Shopping Group on Facebook for sellers to post their pages and products, and for shoppers to get to know owners and browse without being pestered by spam videos or networking posts that they don’t need to see.

selling and shopping group
104 members by day 3, 2 sales that I know of (public ones) and I welcome every single newbie that posts so they feel part of the community

My website vendors are in another Facebook group where they can chat, train and be shown stats from the website.

I have a Facebook application group for stall holders wanting to join my events. They can see each theme and decide what would be best suited for their business.

I know, it sounds like I have loads of groups but you only join what you need. If I had all these together it wouldn’t work for anyone. It would be a mess.

I monitor all these groups and always reply to any queries.

You can also apply for events on my website (not everyone likes FB!) 😉

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing that my events have brought businesses together in collaboration. This is what I love the most.

I’ve seen a few businesses evolve from selling just one item type to a selection, and even opening new pages. One has even helped support a physical business that wasn’t online, by putting her products in their store.

Businesses have collaborated for my events too … and this is fine, I don’t mind this and actually think it’s wonderful. They both join and advertise their shared product, or one joins and does all the sharing.

You can join my community on Facebook or leave a comment on my website blogs… I’ll always reply x

(unless you’re a spammer…I get rid of those all the time!)



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What’s coming for April

April is when we hold the Starsigns and Birthdays Etsy Party so this month we’ll showcase what gorgeous handmade creations we have to fit this theme <3

Home decor / wall art

Stella poster
Birthday stickers

My stalls are still getting products and photos ready.

More creations to come I promise x


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The Need for Speed Event

Welcome to the fast and furious transport event that is Need for Speed!

Do you feel it?!

Sit back on your interior leather sofa (maybe it’s soft fabric) … pull back that throttle (open your KLE platform of choice) … and let’s speed shop for gifts!

Crank up the volume, here are just a few of the items you can buy tonight. If you need some help tonight just WhatsApp me.

Below you’ll find my stall holders and some of their gorgeous products.

Check out my KLE Favourites store

Products will be available for 4 weeks after the event too. Kelly x

Shop with me if you like, I’m here until 10pm. If there is anything in particular that you’re looking for and you can’t see it just WhatsApp me and I’ll work my magic. Kelly x

Personal shopper
Online personal shopper using WhatsApp

Stall holders Facebook pages


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March FREE Stall slot – RE-DRAW

So as you know… I did the March free stall drawer with a deadline for the winner to contact me by 21st March.

They did not reply to my email….so I’m guessing that they don’t have a business and are just a lovely follower… Thank you 🙂

This means I’m doing a re-draw !!!!

So the March free stall drawer is now...

Congratulations number 29

I will be emailing you very shortly.

You will have until Thursday 25th March 2021 to respond to claim your FREE Stall Slot.

Please do let me know if you are a shopper and not a seller with a small business too and I will remove you from the free stall draw list 

After this I will redraw… again!

Thank you, Kelly

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Meet the racers

Meet the awesome stall holders joining me at the Need for Speed Event on 25th March.

Hello and thank you for joining me. My page is I make candles melts and reed diffusers. I also sell associated products plus Crystal’s I use vegan and natural ingredients in my products. I have a page of kids craft too so have added some craft products to my album.

Hi, I am Jo, I share my love of Sand Art and Fun with as many people as possible. So many ages to can enjoy different activities and fun. Based in Cheshire due to not being able to get out to events, I have been posting out packs and bundles for anyone wanting to enjoy. With lots of designs and new one off designs there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Hi everyone. I’m Erica and I run Coffee monkey . I want to give everyone five minutes of daily guilt free peace with a mug to make you smile and a coffee to give you that get up and go. We also sell cute cuddly monkeys for the little ones and planners to help keep you organised. Xx

Hey 👋 my names Debbie im a team leader and mommy to 3 gorgeous children. I sell books, games, activities for all ages from birth to young adults, we have lots in stock from educational to boredom busters i can also get free books for school please feel free to look at my page.

I am Rebekah from our little home run business is now in it’s 8th year and we love working closely with our customers. We create handmade and printed items, all in house and customised to our customers requests. We create home dećor, gifts, clothing and much more. Pop on over to take a look, can’t see what you are looking for? No problem! ‘We create your imagination’

Need for Speed event 25th March 2021


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Need for Speed COMPETITION


The KLE Prize Wheel is back because you all loved it so much <3

Spins will be done LIVE on Facebook on 24th March.

Entries close at 6pm on 23rd March. Read on for details and to enter 🙂

Don’t miss the chance to grab yourself £15 to spend at the Need for Speed Event PLUS the chance to snag a prize.

Prizes – Are being made – we have car and train themed hoops so far.

(Where do prizes come from blog.)

I will be doing a Facebook LIVE for the prize wheel spins on 24th March in the evening ahead of the Need for Speed online shopping event for all who enter.

There are 2 things you have to do to get your name in the bag

  • Complete your entry on this page (see “Complete my entry further down this page or on the Fun page”) <3

Only complete entries will be counted.

All entries will go into a bag …or a bowl 😉….and pulled out at random during the Facebook LIVE.

One prize per entry. Once all prizes have gone that ends the wheel spins.

All winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes. After this time winnings will be used in future events. To claim your prize just send me a message.

Money winners – You will be sent stall holder page links and will need to pick 1 stall before the event starts. Money is transferred electronically to the stall you have chosen. You will then message them during the event to make your purchase.

Prize winners – You will need to message me an address to send your prize to. Addresses are not kept or passed on to third parties.   

*Competitions are not affiliated with Facebook or WordPress or Instagram.

Complete my entry ...

If you enter you accept and agree to be added to the KL Online Shopping Events email marketing list.
If you already follow my KLE website you’re complete x
You can complete the form below or MailChimp link here.
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