My virtual journey

Kelly here! Wow it’s been a roller coaster ride over the last 2 months. Emotionally I’ve been all over the shop but Mentally I’ve been on another planet.

Home schooling and working has turned me into something else! Now I’m proud to be a really good organiser and planner but this has been challenging and I for one, after the first 3 weeks, have had moments of “do what you want”. I needed to just sit and do nothing.

No comment !!

My husband is still working and doing his shift pattern so when he’s not been here and my daughter is asleep I’ve actually had time to think about my business.

All KL Online Shopping Events were put on hold. We didn’t want anyone putting themselves at risk or having to go out to the post office. The virtual event last week was because none of those things applied 🙂 It was so nice to be doing some KLE work, it’s my baby, I’ve missed it.

It was mad though – I decided to do the event on the Sunday, posted for applicants that day. Monday they went into the secret group (which I was still making at the time!!) and Tuesday we started prep (a lot less than usual. Normal prep time for an Awesome Evening is 2 months) We had one week!

Before rolling the event idea that Sunday I had been working on ideas for my Kellys Kids Designs business. I create designs for nurseries and kids bedrooms but needed to do something virtual. Something that could be downloaded.

Well….my head just exploded!!! Ideas all over the place. Ideas from nowhere and everywhere!! I’ve loved it.

I created the FREE kids activity pack which then lead me to create the Virtual Birthday Party Packs too. I enjoyed created the princess and pirate designs and of course as always got approval from my daughter first!

These are available on this website for download and printing at home. Keeping everyone safe and risking no-one 🙂

I even did some real drawing…you know, the type with paper and pencil 😉

I’ve not done that for years. 

I drew Baby Yoda for my daughter <3

After going on the Rainbow Hunt with her I created the NHS International Nurses Day designs. Love the rainbow cape <3

See it here 🙂

I’m not sure what I’m doing next. I need to have a think about KLE. I miss it so I’ll come up with something soon and I’ll let you know what’s going on 🙂

Thank you so much to all our followers <3 You’re all amazing <3 If you would like to be featured on our website please send us a blog, photos and business links via message on our Facebook page 🙂 Link below.

Stay safe. Stay at home x

Kelly x

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Lockdown Special

Welcome to KL Online Shopping Events, Here on our website are all our contents. Links to our stall holders amazing creations where you’ll also find fun games and competitions. Links to our Facebook and our website, Follow us on both so you don’t miss the winners tonight. If you’re looking for something, don’t come a cropper, Just ask us to look, use our Online Personal Shopper. We hope you have fun, please do enjoy your stay, Remember us in future and shop the KLE way.

This is a mini version of our usual Awesome Evening Event so you won’t see as much as before because I’m working on this alone. Laura couldn’t be here tonight. But I wanted to do a Lockdown Special, virtual products only event to help businesses get seen during this time. 

Scroll down for stalls, games, and our personal shopper experience.

All competitions close at 9pm.

Winners will be announced at 10pm.

Some of their products….

This is our unique online personal shopper post.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

Please comment below.

Kelly x

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A virtual success story

A huge virtual change...

Hi everyone, Laura here, one half of KLE, many of you will know that I am also a hairstylist. Lockdown has meant a massive shake up for my business over the last month.

I was so sad to receive messages from all my brides and clients booked in for April and May (and futher along now the longer lockdown lasts) to say they had been forced to cancel or reschedule.

However this made me visit an idea that I had been thinking about for some time. Part of my services include teaching one to one braiding lessons and group workshops. I had been toying with the idea of widening my target audience to outside of my local area by offering online braiding lessons and workshops. To test if the theory would work I decided to offer a trial run of FREE online workshops LIVE from my Facebook page. I was super nervous, having never done a LIVE before and quickly set up an event page before I could back out. I shared it around and before I knew it I had gained a lot of interest!! No chance of ducking out now

The first session went LIVE on 25th March and I was blown away to have over 9k views!!

Incredible, that so many people tuned in to see little old me demonstrating a braiding technique from the corner of my living room lol! After finding the first 10 mins a little bit terrifying I soon settled into it and found my way. Five weeks later I have now doubled my Facebook followers, have regulars joining in my weekly free LIVEs and I also have successfully taught lots of ONLINE one to one braiding sessions over the app Zoom, which I have been charnging just £10 for (Pre lockdown my one to one sessions were £25). 

This has enabled me to continue earning, albeit a much smaller amount, and also carry on doing what I love while stuck inside. My clients have been all over the UK as well as reaching places as far as South Africa! Amazing!! 

So, although lockdown has been really hard in terms of not being able to see loved ones and friends, juggling parenting, homeschooling, work, chores etc, and not to mention the lack of adult conversation; I have found a major positive with my business and I am excited for the future and the new opportunities this forced change has brought .

If you would like to join in my FREE online workshops, they are every Wednesday at 3pm at

I am covering simple braid and style techniques perfect for everyone to have a go at. If you’d like to learn something more complex, for example a Dutch or French braid, I would love to teach you.

You can find full details about my sessions in the Services tab on my page .

Keep safe everyone and happy braiding

Laura xx

Click to visit Laura

Don’t forget to join our Lockdown Special Event this Friday 🙂 

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After lockdown

After lockdown you'll want to be ready to just go and do whatever you want!

You’ll want to see family and friends.

If like me you’re a movie lover you’ll want to get out to the cinema. (Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon are awesome but it’s just not the same. Other networks are available ;))

Do you like theatre? Bowling? Country parks? Theme Parks?!!

BUT when we do come out of lockdown you’ll have all the normal things in life, that you were doing before, still to do. Whether you have kids or not, will you still have time?

Pack school / work bags / lunch.

School run morning.

Go to work / laundry / house cleaning etc

Go food shopping.

School run afternoon.

Take any pets for walks if needed.

Go to some kid group/swimming/dancing etc

Kids homework / own self employed job.

Why not spend some time during lockdown on your house or garden. You have plenty of time to wait for the Postie. You have time to plan what you want. Then you don’t have to think about it again until  2021.

All these products are on our shop page 

Kids bedroom

Adults bedroom

Living room / lounge



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Things to do on lockdown

We have trawled our website and shop for you, to find you things to do while on lockdown 🙂

Click the links in the text.

Craft is not just for kids. Noooo. Take a look at this roses craft kit.

We also have kids craft. Have a FREE Kids Activity Pack from Kellys Kids Designs.

She also has a Virtual Birthday Party Pack for kids.

If you’re having a sort out at home, Spring Clean or Lockdown Launder and you have come across a tonne of keys (like I did last week) then test them out and get yourself some keytags from Identitagz.

key tag

And when you have those keytags why not get yourself keyhooks instead of putting them back in that messy drawer?!

Now after all that cleaning and sorting you need some ‘me time’ with a gift set from Jayne Swift Usborne Books

Do you have a lovely house sign? Would you like one? Ceri does them 🙂

You know one of the things that you probably haven’t thought about cleaning is the inside of you car! Especially door handles, steering wheel and gear stick. Don’t use polish on the steering wheel though as it will become slippy. Use some anti-bacterial spray on them. Then get yourself a nice car smellie.

For those of you home schooling do you have enough paper? How about a personalised monster notebook?

And why not treat your kids, nephews or nieces to some new personalised crayons?

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We’re still here x

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we cancelled all Online Events until further notice. This was to keep our stall holders safe as well as the public. Everyone should be staying at home.

I know this is extremely hard when you are self employed. I’m half self employed while Laura is fully self employed. Our husbands both have jobs that they go to so we are lucky there. I am a Keyworker working for the NHS 3 days per week as know the extreme pressures happening right now.

We just need you to all stay indoors (you can go in your garden x )

As the Director of KLE I decided to leave all scheduled posts on our Facebook and WordPress pages so that our stall holders still get seen. This is still helpful even if they are running at reduced capacity or not at all. This won’t last forever.

The lockdown has been the perfect time to focus on learning and developing our self employed businesses. I don’t talk about ‘us’ as in me and Laura. I talk about ‘us all’.

Now is the perfect time to create new ideas, plan ahead for the future and network. Be seen while you can’t actually be seen 😉

Thank you to all our new website followers. As I said over on our Facebook page we will be doing drawers for Free Stalls when this is over. We will cover how ever many we need. They were due to be every 3 months.

Any followers automatically get placed into our drawer to be in with a chance of winning a free stall slot at one of our events 🙂

We still have our website residents here and have given them these months in lockdown as extra months to what they paid for.

Please visit our Shop and see what they have available 🙂

A lot of them are still working and posting products – postage may just take some time that’s all. Posties are just awesome right now. Thanks go to all of them <3

Stay safe 🙂

Kelly and Laura xx

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Hello Ceri

Hi everyone, I’m Ceri from Storybook Creations by Ceri, which I’ve been running for over 2 years now. I do hand painted wooden decor and keepsake gifts for any occasion, including personalised and bespoke items. I started my business almost by accident by creating some pieces for my children which became popular amongst friends and family, and Storybook Creations has grown from there. I’m married with two young children so now I’m in a position where my work fits around my home life, giving me the best of both worlds! I love working with customers to achieve unique and customised items, and thanks to such a variety of products available my job never gets boring! If you need a gift or home decor item please feel free to pop by my page and I’ll be happy to help ☺️

Ceri and her products will be at our Business Shower Online Shopping Event on 17th April 2020.

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Hi Jane

Hi I’m Roberta Jane known Jane I live on the Isle of Wight with my family I make candles melts Reed diffusers and associated products using naturally sourced ingredients my page is

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