Countdown to Christmas

With awesome Advent creations.

We have beautiful Advent hair accessories, Advent chocolate calendar displays perfect for pre-Christmas parties and cute Elf countdown boards for your family or maybe your office!

We also have fun reading books for advent, wax melts to make your room smell gorgeous and festive and an Advent stocking calendar for special treats.

These gemstone keyrings would be perfect for Advent gifts if you’re creating your own. We have new baubles for you to choose from and a Christmas fairy to put on top of your tree on the last day is surely a must have.  

Have you seen the Adult Alternative Stockings that will be available? Why not take a look around at the Christmas plaques for your wall too. Don’t forget your Advent calendar card for your friends.

This adorable teddy would make a fabulous Christmas Eve gift, with a mini sand art kit and this stunning reindeer headband. What do you think? 

We have 6 ways that you can join in with our Fabulous Day event on 1st November –

1 – From visiting the stalls direct during the event from our page 

2 – From our website shop 

3 – On our Facebook Shop on our page 

4 – On our InstaShop

5 – On our PinShop

6 – During the event over on the event page ask us to look for items for you. We have a personal shopper experience

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See you there!

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Dark Crystal party

October is a month of birthdays within KLE.

It’s Laura’s birthday this month <3

My husband and daughter celebrate their birthdays this month too <3

This year my little girl, Connie, wants a Dark Crystal themed Escape Rooms style birthday! And you know what…bring it on!!! If I can make events happen online then I can do them offline too.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is on Netflix and it is awesome. It has taken the original movie and created an amazing series from it. It has all the wonderful puppetry and gorgeous scenes. We loved watching this as a family.

MMmmmmm <3

“Hello my Gelfling friends. I am The All Maudra, Head of all the Gelflings.
You are here on your Shard Quest and to celebrate Connie’s 7th birthday.”

So that’s the beginning of my speech for the party. And yep, I’ll have to dress up 😉

I’m going to style 5 rooms of our house into Dark Crystal themed rooms. Each with a puzzle experience that go with a short story that I’ve typed for the kids. Connie will be 7 and is so unbelievably excited since I said yes I’ll try to do this for her.

No pressure!

So we have 6 children coming along…I don’t think I’ll get any more in the rooms tbh.

This is my conservatory, aka craft room. It has been completely taken over by my daughter who loves to make things. <3

That pink thing on the chair is the start of our “Crystal of Truth”. It has a little hole in so the kids can put a “Crystal Shard” into it at the end of the party. What they and Connie don’t know, is that at the end of the party this will be a pinyata full of sweets. 🙂

I’ve not finished it yet. It’s just drying.

The blue thing in the background is actually my bin. Now known as the Sword Bin because I can’t remember what the sword tree thing in “Stone in the wood” is called in the series. That is actually finished (but not in this photo) and now full of shredded paper.

I should point out that Connie knows nothing about the puzzles. She is helping with the decorations but I am keeping all puzzles and the story to myself…although I might share them with you all if you want me too?

Have another bit of speech…

“You will work as a team on your quest, solving puzzles and gathering items that you will have to keep with you until the end. By the time you have completed your quest you should have found 8 messages, 2 pieces of the Dual Glaive sword and The Shard. You will find other things along the way but they are the most important.”

This weekend I made a simple door for the kids to get through. This will be in the middle of the living room separating the All Maudra’s throne room from the “Cave of Grot”.

The style on the front goes with the window I’ve created for the throne room. I say window…its a big piece of paper stuck on my wall.

Connie is just making sure it works x

The “Cave of Grot” room is my living room. Luckily its blue so doesn’t need too much decoration…she says!

I’ve created a “Sanctuary tree”, stones and blue moss. I’ve used my clothes horse and blankets as a cave wall to hide the tv. What do you think so far?

Under the tree there will be my plasma ball which is sound reactive. That’s going to give them “Gelfling powers”…they are 7 after all, who doesn’t like having powers!!

I took a days annual leave last week to sort out puzzles and test-drive things while Connie was at school.

This is not finished but its a good start. It looks much better in person. Shall I do you a video on the day before the kids turn up?

I’ll keep a blog too and show you updates if you want me to.

Journey to be continued…

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Welcome to our Halloween event

We thought it was easier to go for the short title there! This event is in fact called I believe in Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Wizards 🙂 Woah that’s a long one!!!

Ooo don’t we look lovely tonight 😉

Here are our stall holders in tonight’s Halloween online shopping event…

On our website today you’ll find some spooky creations on our Shop page, and a few sneak peeks below, from our stall holders
On a PC to the right, or at the bottom on your mobile device, you’ll find our:
  • Subscribe button so that you can get our blogs and events via email.
  • ‘Rewind the event’ section if you miss anything
  • Competition rainbow button – We have a competition where you could win £16 to spend at any of the stalls we have taking part tonight – clicking the rainbow button will take you to Facebook to play. Some of our pages have games on their Facebook business pages that you can play tonight too so please do visit them.
  • InstaShop – products on our Instagram page if you’d prefer to use that

We can be your personal shoppers tonight so if there is anything in particular that you’re looking for just comment below and we will work our magic while you go and play the games We will reply to your comments 🙂 We’ll be here from 7pm – 10pm UK time (Time converter here.)

You can also see products on our Pinterest page.
Please stay and look around or leave and visit the stalls…shop the way YOU want to

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Say BOO to our stall holders!

Meet our I believe in Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Wizards stall holders below. These spooky lovelies are involved in our Halloween event on Friday 27th September. 

Hi, I’m Sheryl I’m a mum of two gorgeous girls and a nurse with a passion for embroidery who loves creating beautiful treasures. After 20 yrs of working in A&E, specialising in addiction I made to be a place of escape and fantasy, full of beautiful gifts to delight and pieces that will be cherished as heirlooms in years to come. Every item is handcrafted and unique. There are so many exciting projects to come that I can’t wait to share with you.

Hello, I’m clair and my page is Clair Wolf Creations
I’m mum to my beautiful 20 year old daughter and 3 fur babies. And I’ve been married for a year. I make jewellery, bookmarks, keyrings and accessories for all occasions. And I’m really looking forward to making these for Halloween. I’ve been running my page since February this year. I can’t wait to share my designs with you all x

Hi, I’m Jess the face behind
I am a crazy needle felter based in the Westcountry. I make wall art, gifts and keepsake ornaments from a range of wool blends and when I am not busy stabbing all the wool I work as a cafe chef. Owned by a sassy, cuddly feline who thinks she is a parrot and enjoys supervising my work at all times

Hello! I’m Nicola, a mum of 2 from Glasgow and an Independent Usborne Organiser since 2010. I sell books for children ages 0-16, of all kinds, to suit all interests and budgets. I will talk about books all day everyday!

Hi everyone, I’m Ceri from Storybook Creations by Ceri, which I’ve been running for almost 2 years now. I do hand painted wooden decor and keepsake gifts for any occasion, including personalised and bespoke items. I started my business almost by accident by creating some pieces for my children which became popular among friends and family, and Storybook Creations has grown from there. I’m married with two young children so now I’m in a position where my work fits around my home life, giving me the best of both worlds! I love working with customers to achieve unique and customised items, and thanks to such a variety of products available my job never gets boring! If you need a gift or home decor item please feel free to pop by my page and I’ll be happy to help ☺️

Hello and welcome to my page
I’m Roberta Jane I am based on the isle of wight I make candles melts and Reed diffusers using natural ingredients and products

Hi it’s me! I’m a graphic designer specialising in creating designs for children and children’s products. These designs are available to purchase if you’re a small business yourself. I have a few products with my designs on for purchase also. Lovely to meet you all 🙂 Kellys Kids Designs 

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KLE Support Services

MediaMentorKelly support us by providing FREE training for our events and discounted services.

Yes MediaMentorKelly is our Kelly. KLE has taken over her role completely but her Media page is used as support and is kept seperate.

Kelly has many qualifications in Media (GCSE Media, Media, IT & Communication Adv GNVQ, Digital & Creative Diploma) and she has had experience in different media and programmes since the year 2000. (Photography, Videography, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, Sharepoint, Hootsuite and WordPress)

She has been a photographer (portrait and weddings), owned/edited website pages, and has been using social media for a long time. 

Kelly used to run Facebook community pages, business pages and used to support a major community of admins on a well established craft community page.

The KLE Training group for our events was provided by MMK. She created the graphics and videos so you will see her staring in those herself ! 

When you become involved in an event you will be given the link to join the group. Here is what you can expect – 

FREE Training Units that start with the basics of using a Facebook page:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Sharing
  • Networking

Then go on to the more advanced parts of your Business page such as:

  • Insights
  • Diary management

An album of FREE simple graphics for ease, all related to our how our events work, and how to get the best out of them.

FREE Video training about your Facebook Business page. 4 videos in all.

On the MediaMentorKelly page you’ll find services that support your Facebook business page. The discounted services connected to our events are:

KL Online Shopping Events have actually helped 142 different small businesses to present day…this doesn’t include the new ones in our next event.

Come over and be a part of our team

The only events left for 2019 are:

Follow Us and be the first to see 2020 event applications

Enter your email address to subscribe to this event/blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Treasures in our toy town

I don’t know about you but my daughter has a million toys in her bedroom that she doesn’t play with…at all! They have been sitting their since Boxing Day..because she played with them on Christmas Day and then took them upstairs the day after. Never to be touched AGAIN.

So, our question to you is…Are you looking for something different to buy your children this year?

In our toy town (aka our website!) you’ll find handmade creations that would fit a stocking or an awesomely big Christmas box (because who wants a small one?!) 🙂

You won’t find items for boys or girls on our website. We believe that boys and girls can play with whatever they want to play with <3 So go nuts with your search!!

Here are a few of the items we have to get you thinking 🙂

Why not casually throw these ideas into conversations with your kids and see how they react, because you don’t have to buy today, you can come back tomorrow 🙂

We’ve got Craft

We’ve got imagination

We’ve got bedroom decor

We’ve even got clothes

The first craft item we have is FREE. Just download the graphic and print it off onto card at home. A fab quick crafty stocking filler.

The little ones can make their own sweet box, they’ll love it….you’ll have to buy the sweets though!

Shaped colourful crayons are totally awesome for children. Check out these roarsome dinosaurs!

Kelly does many different shaped wax crayons and this is just one example from our website.

We’ve had a few sticker books on our website over the last few months.

My daughter loves sticker books…not all the stickers go in the books mind 😉

Wonder how a sticker book can help your child? Read this blog from SEN.

Let their imagination run wild with a fairy door…..or full blown Fairy Castle <3

Be prepared to be busy though, there comes a lot of responsibility with a fairy door. Take a read here to see what we mean.

If your child loves their gaming console then this is the present for you. This has got to be one of the coolest gifts you could get them for their bedroom.

Have it painted whatever colours you want…match their favourite sport colours or even their bedroom walls.

We have a very cute pencil tin which can be personalised.

Perfect for home and school.

All children are Super so why not get this awesome t-shirt with a mask design.

It comes on different colour tops and also as a babygro.

And why not let them look rainbowtastic with this beautiful hair accessory. 

A fabulous stocking filler…why…you could fill a stocking with hair accessories!

Join us for online shopping 24/7 and fun online events throughout the year.

Our next event is all about Halloween.

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Love and Marriage wedding fayre

Welcome to our Love and Marriage online wedding shopping event.

We are gathered here today to scroll and gaze at the beautiful products available tonight, during our awesome evening online shopping event, that is dedicated to all things wedding.
On our website today you’ll find our stall holders below and some of their products on our Shop page and we have a teaser video for you below
On a PC to the right, or at the bottom on your mobile device, you’ll find our:
  • ‘Rewind the event’ section if you miss anything
  • Competition rainbow button – We have a competition where you could win £…….. to spend at any of the stalls we have taking part today – clicking the rainbow button will take you to Facebook to play. Some of our pages have games on their Facebook business pages that you can play tonight too so please do visit them.  
  • Products – A look at a few products in our website shop.
  • InstaShop – products on our Instagram page if you’d prefer to use that ,

Shop your way...

Or visit our stall holders, they are not far away now…

We can be your personal shoppers tonight so if there is anything in particular that you’re looking for just comment below and we will work our magic while you go and play the games  

We will reply to your comments 🙂 We’ll be here from 7 – 10pm

Here are just a few of the gorgeous products we have available tonight…

Thank you for visiting us tonight, please do follow our Blog / Event for more 🙂

Kelly and Laura 🙂

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Handmade wedding

This gorgeous sparkling keepsake and beautiful lace garter are just 2 of the many products we have available during our Love and Marriage Online shopping event on 4th September.

We have 18 different small businesses involved in our wedding fayre this September.

Handmade creations, graphic designs, hair stylists and more.

Would you like to see some more beautiful products?

Of course you would…. 🙂

Come to our event to buy your wedding favours, book your hair stylist and buy your gifts.

Each small business has much more to show you if you visit their page direct. You’ll find their links on event day from 7pm – 10pm, Wednesday 4th September.

Enter our competition during the event. You could win 1 of 3 prize vouchers (1st Prize £25, 2nd Prize £15, 3rd Prize £5) to spend at any stall involved in the event. The Grand Prize Competition will be open for entries from 7am 30th August and close at 9pm 4th September. 

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