I’m seeing lots of marvellous moons

for my upcoming Starsigns and Birthdays online shopping events on 29th April and it’s just so magical x

You can shop anytime from now until end of May for items in this event

I’ve tidied up my shop for you, hope you like it

Before you do go looking though, let me show you what will be available for this event with the awesome video below.

Turn the music on and you’ll be singing it all day !

This event is different to all the others as it’s an Etsy Party. 

What does that mean?

It means I’ll be showcasing business pages that have Etsy shops but can’t get them seen. The products for this event will go in my KLE favourites but they are the only ones affiliated. This means that clicking to buy will take you to their Etsy page. You won’t be able to purchase on the website like with all the other events.

Keep a look out for the next video with even more creations to admire !


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