March FREE Stall slot – RE-DRAW

So as you know… I did the March free stall drawer with a deadline for the winner to contact me by 21st March.

They did not reply to my email….so I’m guessing that they don’t have a business and are just a lovely follower… Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

This means I’m doing a re-draw !!!!

So the March free stall drawer is now...

Congratulations number 29

I will be emailing you very shortly.

You will have until Thursday 25th March 2021 to respond to claim your FREE Stall Slot.

Please do let me know if you are a shopper and not a seller with a small business too and I will remove you from the free stall draw listย 

After this I will redraw… again!

Thank you, Kelly

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