Love is in the air

January is our month of love

On the 26th January the KL Event, Love Hearts and Flowers, is all about Valentines x

Find your perfect gift right here on KL Online Shopping Events

Do you wanna see what our stall holders will have available on the 26th?! Of course you do! Let’s scroll down together x

Valentines Day Event
Valentines Day gifts

Valentines Day Gifts

We only opened our Vendorship at the end of last year. Check out our new shops today!

Hope to have more shops for you to browse through soon x

Introductions for the Love Hearts and Flowers event are coming soon….buuutttt if you can’t wait then visit our social media. They have already started on our Facebook and Instagram x


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Vendors wanted
Vendors Wanted. Click for details

Come back soon!

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The Crafty Camper

Our first Vendor has arrived 🙂

You can now shop and purchase direct on our website from any of our vendors.

Just add items to your cart and purchase without leaving the site.

I’m hoping to have more new vendors soon 🙂

Anything currently marked BUY takes you outside of the website to visit small business pages (Facebook, Etsy etc) These are all from before the website upgrade in November 2020. You can still visit them too, leave some love 🙂

Whilst you’re here why not pop over and visit Emily from The Crafty Camper.

She makes the most beautiful crochet creations.

Here are just a few items you’ll find in her store

As well as the normal KL Online Shopping Events (KLE) run on Facebook, Instagram and Website, I will also be having themed website only events.

What are website only events ?

I’ll have blogs dedicated to the theme that will connect you to stores and products through the month. You will be able to purchase straight from the website.

The themes will run alongside the KLE events but won’t include any of the stalls taking part in those events unless they happen to be a website vendor.

Valentines Day Event
The next KL Online Shopping Event on 26th Janaury 2021 is dedicated to all things for Valentines Day.
Valentines Day gifts
Website theme for January will be LOVE

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What you get with a KL Event

I’ve created and hosted each virtual online shopping event since I opened in June 2017. I’m not a newbie. I know what I’m doing. I get the best for YOUR business.
I don’t have an album of products on my page. I link YOU to my Facebook, website and Instagram. Your products go onto all those platforms and any products I’ve uploaded stay on my website for a month following the event.
The events are held on 2 platforms and from next year they‘ll be on 3.
I direct shoppers to YOU so that all the interaction increases your brand awareness. This is your chance to sell yourself, chat live and make those sales
You get access to the Training and Support Group from date of acceptance until the end of the event month for FREE (otherwise £5 per month)
Everyone has fun, sellers and shoppers, because of all the games and competitions involved with each event
I advertise constantly on Facebook, Instagram, Google, my website, through blogs and on YouTube.
Explaination of what stall holders will get from being involved in a KL Online Shopping Event
You'll be seen on many different platforms when you're involved in a KL Online Shopping Event

Of course you have a few questions. Have I answered them here for you? Please do message me if I haven’t 🙂

If you interested in applying please check out the APPLICATIONS and apply for a theme that suits your business
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I believe in Santa Online Shopping Event

Welcome to the I believe in Santa Online Shopping Event

Welcome to the fabulous I believe in Santa Claus Online Shopping Event we’re now open 🙂

I have a new way to use the Personal Shopper Experience look – 

Online personal shopper using WhatsApp
I’m Kelly, your host. You’ll find my awesome stall holders below along with the link to the KLE grand prize.
All competitions close at 9pm tomorrow night but shops are open until 10pm tomorrow. The winners announcement will be a separate blog to this so follow me so you don’t miss it. Follow button is at the bottom.
You can use my Online Shopper Experience anytime during the event before 10pm tomorrow 🙂
(Please note that I’ll be asleep during the night when the event is still open and will reply to any message in the morning x)

There are a whooping 25 small businesses involved in my I believe in Santa Online Shopping Event this weekend!

Please do visit them all just after the first video, discover their gorgeous creations 🙂

Try the Grand prize game

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Who would like a personal shopper?

I know I would. 🙋‍♀️

I’ve been shopping online many times and to be honest after a while if I can’t find what I’m looking for I get bored and then annoyed. There is no-one to talk to at these online shops. There is no-one to help me find what I’m looking for.



*With a KL Online Shopping Event you can use my Online Personal Shopper button to private message me anytime during the event.

*You can also use the Personal Shopper experience post so that everyone can see what you’re asking for or visa versa.

*You can visit each online stall direct and speak to the owner live during each event if you’d prefer. They are present throughout.

My Online Personal Shopper experience has been a big hit during events. 🤩

You can use it at my next event.

Pamper and Glamour.

Click photo to be added to the Fcaebook calendar reminder

In 2021 my events will be run in 3 places!

This doesn’t count all the people that my posts reached on the lead up to the event either!

In the week before the event, stall holders pages and product reached 4,391.

My instagram had 283 followers that saw their pages/products before and during the event too.

But I don’t keep people here, I ask them to visit the stalls. So how did they do? I’ve had a bit of feedback from them so far…

One Etsy Shop had 43 visitors  

2 of them have messaged me about all their extra exposure

One lady said her views were up 52% on the day before 🙂 She’d had a few enquires and a few non-dino related sales <3

One stall holder had an increase on her Facebook page stats, even though the event wasn’t linked like normal. Bonus!


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Etsy Party Event
Same style but this event is FREE
© Copyright Sept 2019.
We’re recruiting for stall holders that have Etsy Shops and create items in the theme of Dinosaurs. 🦖🦕
This event will be held on TUESDAY 7th JULY 2020 at 7pm until 10pm.
You must not be taking part in another event on this day to apply.
A stall slot is FREE as this is a trial which covers this awesome evening event. 
Please read all of these details below BEFORE applying.
Copyright April 2019 © How this will work –
You will be called stalls for the duration of the event because that is how we want the event to appear – just like a physical event with you available to talk to.
  1. You will have an introduction on our Facebook page and website.
  2. The event will appear on Facebook and our website and will have your pages linked.
  3. We will have 1 of your products in our InstaShop.
  4. We will have at least 1 of your products in our Website Shop.
  5. Stalls can have games.
  6. We will hold a Grand Prize
All stalls will –
  • You MUST be available online to engage with visitors for the majority of the event as well as being able to carry out all of the preparation work on the lead up to the event as and when required, sticking to the deadlines to ensure you get the best from the event. This is particularly crucial in the final week before the event.
  • You can sell as many items as you like during the event – there is no limit and you don’t have to make anything exclusive for the event. If it sells well then continue to sell it afterwards! Anything in your event titled album might be sold before the event because our shops are open before the event night.
  • You may get comments, other interaction and possibly messages/orders. You need to be around to answer these, and replying to comments will help your reach and engagement so that you get more visitors!
  • You may need to schedule posts for during the event to your social media so that your page is seen in newsfeeds and to give people visiting things to interact with for the whole event
  • If you decide to hold a competition on your page then you must be able to donate a prize/voucher for your competition. The competition on your page is not run or drawn by KL Online Shopping Events. You will draw the winner and we will announce it on the event page along with all competition winners. You will create any graphics for your own game (you can ask for ideas for this from us if it is not something you are confident with. We can also create your graphics for you for a small additional fee – please contact us for details). Our events are all about fun as well as brand awareness and the competitions help with that too.
  • You MUST have prices on your products photos or in the description of products in your album/collection. People visiting want to see products with prices straight away, no messing about or having to ask you how much it costs. This can deter customers.
  • For the event you will be provided with a new logo (profile picture) for your page for before and during the event which will be an event twist on your usual logo. This must be used and uploaded on the date requested. If you are planning on rebranding we do ask that you please supply us with your new logo at the start of the preparation as we will not be able to change any graphics once created.
  • You will be given access to FREE training – on Facebook/Website.
We commit to our events 100% and offer a tailor made experience for everyone taking part which involves many hours of work and preparation from us. All we ask is that all stall holders only apply if they are willing to take part in all aspects of the event process (including adhering to deadlines so that we can ensure that all preparation is ready on time). In the unlikely event that a stall has to withdraw from the process we will replace with another stall from the application list and the non refundable deposit will be used towards time and costs incurred to redo all of the promotional materials for the event. We appreciate your support on this xx

Copyright Policy & General Policy

KLOnlineShoppingEvents will share your pages and products to their Facebook business pages, social media platforms and website. These shares will include your business page details so that visitors can contact you direct to purchase your products/services. KLOnlineShoppingEvents does not provide any warranty or guarantee to any product or service shared.
If you sell sweets, chocolates, cakes and all other food types we will ask to see a copy of your food hygiene and safety certificate.
If you sell products that could be deemed copyright (e.g. Disney items) we will ask to see a copy of the licence agreement you have that gives you the right to sell these items.
“All toys supplied in the UK must meet a list of essential safety requirements which are set out in the Toy (Safety) Regulations 2011 (previously the Toy Safety Regulations 1995 – updated in 2010 – and now revoked) and to prove that these requirements are met, all toys should also carry a CE Marking. Every toy need a CE mark to be sold legally in the EU “
To apply the CE mark it will need to be tested to the EN71 standards. This can be done in two ways: being sent to a lab to do it for you OR self certification. After meeting tests you will get a final declaration of conformity, a certificate stating that your toy meets the regulations. Your toys will need to be sold with CE marked labels , traceability details, and washing instructions. This DOES NOT include memory bears/keepsakes OR one of a kind toys.
KLOnlineShoppingEvents reserves the right to reject businesses which involves material that is felt is illegal, immoral or objectionable. KLOnlineShoppingEvents will not accept any applications that breach any copyright or trademark laws, are deemed illegal or that infringe the rights of third parties. You are responsible for your products and KLOnlineShopping Events will not be held liable of any misinformation or products that are deemed illegal or in breach of copyright law.
If it comes to light, following success of application, that you are creating copyright items or we believe you to be creating copyright items, we will investigate and if necessary you will be removed from the event.
Any business organising raffles on their Facebook page will automatically be declined a stall slot as these are against Facebook regulations.
KLOnlineShopping will not be held responsible for competitions or prizes held on stall holders Facebook business pages. This includes the postage of prizes out to winners. In the unlikely event that you do not receive your prize KLOnlineShoppingEvents will contact the stall holder as well as yourself, but KLOnlineShoppingEvents are not accountable for stall holder actions.
KLOnlineShoppingEvents – Kelly and Laura – will not tolerate any abuse via message to KLOnlineShopping or in the secret planning group towards us or other stall holders. Any abuse will result in the stall holder not being accepted to any future events, being removed from Kl Interactive and blocked from the KLOnlineShopping main page.
By submitting the application form you, the maker (if successful in being selected), agree that:
1. All information has been read and understood.
2. That the information submitted on the application form is correct
3. To make prompt payment of any event fees due
4. That once payment has been made it is non-refundable. Even if you pull out.
5. That your page and any photos you submit may be used for publicity purposes.
6. That the publicity editor reserves the right to alter / edit entries to fit the available space, correct errors or improve clarity.
7. All sellers are obliged to share the event on their business page and to invite friends/relatives/followers to the event and the main page.
8. Not allowed: (a) Any products in breach of copyright or trademark: (b) Alcohol: (c) Blinged baby products and dummy clips: (d) Toys that have not been CE tested (e) Any hazardous substances

What the hosts do –

What the hosts do (behind the scenes work):· Organise an application process for each event. Go through each applicant. Message those that are successful. · Create the event on Facebook and the website. · Create the secret ‘group’ that we use for all communication before/during and after the event with all the businesses taking part. · Finalise the routes (if applicable) · We design/create all cover photos (if applicable). · Plan the programme for the event and write all posts for the entire event page for the duration of the event. · Design/create all graphics for the event page, including marketing, logos, pre-event material. · Design/create all marketing videos for the event. · Advertise the event continuously in community pages and groups on Facebook as well as in Twitter and other social media, on the run up to the event. · Sort out all games/competition details – and allocate to the businesses involved. · Host the event on Facebook and our website. · Support all businesses involved throughout the experience. For these events we are the Event Coordinators which involves being Media Researchers, Multimedia Designers, Animators, Games Coordinators, Marketing Managers and Hosts.

How we choose our stalls –

How do we pick our stalls? All Etsy businesses are welcome. ****No-one is chosen on a first come first served basis.**** We have a calendar schedule that we stick to in terms of applying and then selecting applicants. After the closing date we go through each page that applied ‘separately’ via our own planning group. We make comments on posts, photos, and products. We look at how well each page engages with their customers, if they post regularly, if they have products that match what we asked for and if the photos are of a good standard. We also look at products to ensure that we don’t have cross overs. We then create a shortlist from this information and choose our pages together as a team. Every applicant is looked at. This is why we ask people to apply with a comment on why they would like to join and what they have to offer. It is also why we have a closing date. You can apply to join any of the events at any time you like – as long as it’s before the closing date. We have this system in place to keep the selection process as fair as possible for everyone involved, and our decision is final. If you are not selected for one event it does not mean you will not be selected for future events. The selection process is one of the most challenging aspects of our business as there are so many amazing applicants to choose from. We contact each stall selected and invite them to join a secret planning group specifically for that event. We also post in the application group after the applicants have agreed to be part of the event to inform everyone that the successful applicants have been chosen and so those who have not been successful will be aware, but welcome to apply for future events. If you have any questions about our event process please do get in touch. We are always happy to help

This is a trial event to see if it can work. We hope to get your Etsy Shop and products seen as much as possible.

It is FREE so you have nothing to lose.

Let’s get you out there!

Then if you’re happy please email us at with:
  • Your name
  • Your Etsy business page name and link
  • A description of your business
  • What your page could offer this event
  • Your price range.
Or try our new form below. The deadline for applying is Sunday 24th MAY 2020 and, if successful, you will be contacted via your email after this date and given access to the secret planning page.
Thank you and good luck, Kelly

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We’re still here x

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we cancelled all Online Events until further notice. This was to keep our stall holders safe as well as the public. Everyone should be staying at home.

I know this is extremely hard when you are self employed. I’m half self employed while Laura is fully self employed. Our husbands both have jobs that they go to so we are lucky there. I am a Keyworker working for the NHS 3 days per week as know the extreme pressures happening right now.

We just need you to all stay indoors (you can go in your garden x )

As the Director of KLE I decided to leave all scheduled posts on our Facebook and WordPress pages so that our stall holders still get seen. This is still helpful even if they are running at reduced capacity or not at all. This won’t last forever.

The lockdown has been the perfect time to focus on learning and developing our self employed businesses. I don’t talk about ‘us’ as in me and Laura. I talk about ‘us all’.

Now is the perfect time to create new ideas, plan ahead for the future and network. Be seen while you can’t actually be seen 😉

Thank you to all our new website followers. As I said over on our Facebook page we will be doing drawers for Free Stalls when this is over. We will cover how ever many we need. They were due to be every 3 months.

Any followers automatically get placed into our drawer to be in with a chance of winning a free stall slot at one of our events 🙂

We still have our website residents here and have given them these months in lockdown as extra months to what they paid for.

Please visit our Shop and see what they have available 🙂

A lot of them are still working and posting products – postage may just take some time that’s all. Posties are just awesome right now. Thanks go to all of them <3

Stay safe 🙂

Kelly and Laura xx

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Want a FREE stall slot?

Every 3 months we are going to be drawing a name from our website followers.
The name pulled from the list will win a free stall slot in one of our events. 🤩🤩

(If, unfortunately, that lovely follower doesn’t have a business then we will re-draw.)

To be in with a chance of winning a free stall slot please follow our website Events page by clicking Subscribe.

(Please note that you have to confirm your address from the email sent to you before your name appears on our lovely followers list)

Subscribe to our events

Enter your email address to subscribe to our events and receive notifications of new posts by email.

No deadline. This will automatically happen every 3 months.

Winner will be announced as a post on our Facebook page and our website, and they will be asked to contact us.

Only 1 free slot for the winner and the slot cannot be used on an event you have already been selected for.

This competition is not affiliated with Facebook or WordPress.

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New to online events?

How do online / virtual events work?

You may have seen online or virtual events on Facebook. My online shopping events are totally different to those!

In most Facebook events you will see an album of products (100’s) and all you have to do is comment “sold” on the photo you want. 

But I want to help businesses get seen so they can sell without an event too.

So how do KL Online Shopping Events differ?…

At KL Online Shopping Events I try to be as close to a physical craft fayre event as you possibly can online. I want the fun for shoppers, not just the selling 🙂

On Facebook and here on my website (and on instagram from 2021) I host and entertain visitors and offer an online personal shopper experience.

On Facebook I use a route system so that you can go around the stalls one after another. Just like you would at a craft fayre. Some stalls hold games for a fun factor too.

You don’t need a ticket.

You definitely don’t need to stand in a queue.

You won’t get rained on or get cold waiting in a large venue.

With KL Online Shopping Events you get to have fun by playing the games, joining in the competitions and winning prizes. I have fun for the whole family, sometimes I have free printables for the kids and competitions to include them too so they can sit with you and join in  

I only host the event. I actually ask that visitors go and discover each small business. This increases their page interaction and gets them seen in newsfeeds. Just by leaving an emoji, a comment or even sharing a post, each visitor is helping that small business way more than just commenting sold on a photo 🙂

When a visitor gets to a page on Facebook they’ll find the owner so that they can chat live if they want; an Open post with link to their product album that fits the event theme, and maybe a game to play. The link to the next stall will also be on that post. (Stall holders can host a game if they want to but its not mandatory.)

On Instagram the event is linked to the Facebook and Website and is used as more of an advertisement so that visitors can decide how to shop. Facebook business discovery and shopping, or quick and simple Website shopping.

Here on my website I connect visitors with the stall holders if they want to go to Facebook or to the website vendors, so they can shop their own way and not have to go through Facebook if they don’t want.

Businesses may have Facebook pages, Etsy Shops, websites or other. I’m here to help their brand awareness.

I’ve been hosting events since 2017.

© KLOnlineShoppingEvents 2020, 2021

Scroll down for more and to find out how to win a free stall slot to a KL Online Shopping Event !

And on Instagram from 2021
When you search on the web for “online events” the results show companies selling webinars, online training or websites selling tickets to physical events. These are not what we consider “online events”.
There are hundreds of actual “online events” out there! Some call them market nights or craft fayres. They’re all ONLINE EVENTS. Events that are done online…woah! Mind blown!!
Hundreds of craft small businesses use these events to sell their creations but there is also a market for non craft businesses to join these events. They are perfect for new businesses out there that’s for sure. You’ll be seen by loads of potential customers.

The best way to find out how one of my events work is to join in yourself as a visitor!

If you like what you see and you have your own business then you could think about joining an Awesome Evening Event. (best for beginners)

Stall holder

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Every 3 months I draw a name from my website followers.
The name pulled from the list will win a free stall slot in one of my events. 🤩🤩

(If, unfortunately, that lovely follower doesn’t have a business then we will re-draw.)

To be in with a chance of winning a free stall slot please follow my website Events page by clicking FOLLOW.

(Please note that you have to confirm your address from the email sent to you before your name appears on our lovely followers list)

No deadline. This will automatically happen every 3 months.

Winner will be announced as a post on my website, and they will be asked to contact me.

Only 1 free slot for the winner and the slot cannot be used on an event you have already been selected for.

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