What you get with a KL Event

I’ve created and hosted each virtual online shopping event since I opened in June 2017. I’m not a newbie. I know what I’m doing. I get the best for YOUR business.
I don’t have an album of products on my page. I link YOU to my Facebook, website and Instagram. Your products go onto all those platforms and any products I’ve uploaded stay on my website for a month following the event.
The events are held on 2 platforms and from next year they‘ll be on 3.
I direct shoppers to YOU so that all the interaction increases your brand awareness. This is your chance to sell yourself, chat live and make those sales
You get access to the Training and Support Group from date of acceptance until the end of the event month for FREE (otherwise £5 per month)
Everyone has fun, sellers and shoppers, because of all the games and competitions involved with each event
I advertise constantly on Facebook, Instagram, Google, my website, through blogs and on YouTube.
Explaination of what stall holders will get from being involved in a KL Online Shopping Event
You'll be seen on many different platforms when you're involved in a KL Online Shopping Event

Of course you have a few questions. Have I answered them here for you? Please do message me if I haven’t 🙂

If you interested in applying please check out the APPLICATIONS and apply for a theme that suits your business
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Online Events Awareness Day

16th March – Today is Online Events Awareness Day 🤩🥳

Learn about Online Events Awareness Day

We have started this annual ‘holiday’ because we know that some people out there don’t know about online events at all!! Craziness!!!! The only events people speak of are physical ones. A music event, training event, carnival event etc
When you search on the web for “online events” the results show companies selling webinars, online training or websites selling tickets to physical events. These are not what we consider “online events”.

There are hundreds of actual “online events” out there! Some call them market nights or craft fayres. They’re all ONLINE EVENTS. Events that are done online…woah! Mind blown!! 🤯
Hundreds of craft small businesses use these events to sell their creations but there is also a market for non craft businesses to join these events. They are perfect for new businesses out there that’s for sure. You’ll be seen by loads of potential customers.

Many companies that have a Facebook business page will hold their own Facebook Event – these are Online Shopping Events. Some companies get together to make larger Facebook Events. We (KL Online Shopping Events) took all this one step further to create awareness of these online events. We hold fun, entertaining, online shopping events ON and OFF Facebook to support many businesses.
For most online events you don’t need a ticket. You definitely don’t need to stand in a queue. You won’t get rained on or get cold waiting in a large venue.

With our Online Shopping Events you get to have fun by playing the games, joining in the competitions and winning prizes. We have fun for the whole family, sometimes we have printables for the kids and competitions to include the kids  While you do all this you can shop many different ways or you can use our Online Personal Shopper Experience.
Online Shopping Events are perfect for people who may not get the chance to be involved with physical events due to a number of reasons.

How to celebrate Online Events Awareness Day

Whether you’re an online events company yourself or a visitor to any of these online events you can raise awareness and help support many businesses out there

All you have to do is like or follow an online events page. You could tell your friends and family about these events. Keep a look out for them when you’re thinking of buying a gift for a loved one.
If you know someone who crafts then definitely tell them about these online event companies. It could change their business lives!

We create unique show style interactive entertaining events that are unlike anything else you will find on Facebook. Our events cover a wide range of themes and occasions and include entertainment, music, games, fun, prizes, videos, etc THE WHOLE WORKS!
We also use this website. You won’t find any annoying pop ups or adverts. Join us as a shopper or seller.  The home page has awesome quick access buttons, the events page is bigger, the events are different and much more awesome than before. The Shop page is much better with lovely big photos. We have a great About us page and a new Apply page  Make us a favourite on your mobile device or laptop and start using us for your shopping gifts  We have permanent residents in our shop as well as those involved in events so there will always be something new and exciting 🤩

Have you ever been to an Online Event here on Facebook?

Some of our I believe in… online events this year

We hope you have learnt more about Online Events today and will remember us next time you’re looking for something special  Thank you so much for engaging with us today  

Mark the 16th March in your calendar for next year and we’ll see how many Online Event companies we can get together 🙂

Kelly and Laura xx

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Every 3 months we are going to be drawing a name from our website followers.
The name pulled from the list will win a free stall slot in one of our events. 🤩🤩

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