What you get with a KL Event

I’ve created and hosted each virtual online shopping event since I opened in June 2017. I’m not a newbie. I know what I’m doing. I get the best for YOUR business.
I don’t have an album of products on my page. I link YOU to my Facebook, website and Instagram. Your products go onto all those platforms and any products I’ve uploaded stay on my website for a month following the event.
The events are held on 2 platforms and from next year they‘ll be on 3.
I direct shoppers to YOU so that all the interaction increases your brand awareness. This is your chance to sell yourself, chat live and make those sales
You get access to the Training and Support Group from date of acceptance until the end of the event month for FREE (otherwise £5 per month)
Everyone has fun, sellers and shoppers, because of all the games and competitions involved with each event
I advertise constantly on Facebook, Instagram, Google, my website, through blogs and on YouTube.
Explaination of what stall holders will get from being involved in a KL Online Shopping Event
You'll be seen on many different platforms when you're involved in a KL Online Shopping Event

Of course you have a few questions. Have I answered them here for you? Please do message me if I haven’t 🙂

If you interested in applying please check out the APPLICATIONS and apply for a theme that suits your business
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